Pak lawmakers demand trial for Musharraf Islamabad: Ahead of a crucial meeting of the top leadership of Pakistan's ruling coalition to decide the fate of former President Pervez Musharraf, parliamentarians Tuesday demanded that the ex-military ruler should face trial for his actions. Participating in a debate in the National Assembly on the resignation of Musharraf, some lawmakers of the treasury benches even said that Musharraf deserved to be awarded capital punishment for the actions he had taken during his rule of nearly nine years. The parliamentarians of the ruling PPP and its ally PML-N also said that Musharraf, who resigned Monday to avert his impeachment by the government, must not be allowed to leave the country. They said he should face a "fair and transparent trial" in court. Members of the opposition PML-Q and MQM, on the other hand, put up a defence for Musharraf, saying parties should not indulge in politics of vengeance since the President had already resigned. They also called for national reconciliation. The National Assembly began the debate shortly after Musharraf announced his resignation during a televised address Monday afternoon. Participating in the debate, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said his move to step down had made the country's parliament supreme.

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