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Jutamaniie Mahad   31 July 2023

Family law

The family is the basic and core institution of society. The family consists of husband, wife, children and relatives. Family law is the law that deals with the relationship between persons within the family or relatives. family law does not Family law is therefore the law that relies on moral principles and traditions the most, such as the terms of engagement, marriage, and treatment between husband and wife. custody of children property between husband and wife As well as rules about inheritance, etc.  แทงบอล
1. Betrothal according to the Civil and Commercial Code on family. The conditions relating to the betrothal are summarized as follows: The betrothal is valid only when the man delivers or transfers the property belonging to the betrothed to the woman as evidence of marriage to the woman. Engagement can only be made when the man and woman have reached the age of 17. 
A minor can make a betrothal with the consent of his father and mother. The adoptee or guardian, as the case may be Betrothal is not a ground for requesting the court to compel the marriage, that is, after being betrothed, one party refuses to marry. The other party cannot sue. but may sue for compensation for damage 
The law does not stipulate that a marriage can take place only after being engaged. Therefore, men and women may marry without being engaged. 
1.1 Betrothal is the property of the man who has delivered or transferred to the woman as evidence that she will marry that woman . After being betrothed, the betrothed shall belong to the woman. If the woman breaks the betrothal agreement , the Khongman must be returned to the man.
1.2 DowIt is the property of the man to his parents. The adoptee or the female guardian, as the case may be in return for the woman agreeing to marry if there is no marriage due to an important cause befalling the woman or by circumstances in which the woman is responsible, causing the man to be unsuitable or unable to marry that woman The man can call back the dowry. 

2. Marriage Marriage means Men and women voluntarily live together as husband and wife. life without being involved in an affair with any other person, which according to current law stipulates that marriage must be registered in order to be effective according to the law, marriage 
Conditions   Marriage can take place only when the man and woman have reached the age of 17. But in the event that there is a reasonable cause, the court may allow the marriage before such as a man or a woman or both of them are not 17 years of age, but it is necessary to marry because they have to travel abroad as a husband's family. wives together The court may deem it appropriate to allow the marriage to take place before the age of 17. 
Prohibitions against marriage 
1. If the man or woman is insane. or being a person adjudged incompetent 
2. Men and women who are direct blood relatives ascending or descending. or being a sibling with a father or a mother or a father or mother In such cases, cousins, even with the same surname, may marry. Because the law does not prohibit it. 
3. A man or a woman while he or she already has a spouse. 
4. An adoptee cannot marry. The marriage will be valid only after the marriage has been registered. Minors can marry with the consent of their parents. The adoptee or guardian, as the case may be marriage registration Normally, it can be recorded at any district office or district office. There is no need to register the marriage at the district office. at the border where either party has a domicile 

3. Relationship between husband and wife
Husband and wife must live together as husband and wife. need foster care each according to their abilities and status property between husband and wife If the husband and wife have entered into a prenuptial agreement with respect to their property in any way, they shall follow. property between husband and wife In addition to those that have been separated as "Sin Suan Tua" shall be "Sin Suan Tua" 



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Om Ram, Advocate (Lawyer)     17 June 2024

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