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Amendment in Atomic Energy Act

The Government has amended sections 2 and 14 of the Atomic Energy Act, 1962 through the Atomic Energy (Amendment) Bill, 2015, which would enable Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL) to form joint venture companies with other Indian PSUs to meet

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What a family Settlement essentially is

What a family settlement means Family settlement precisely is an arrangement or agreement entered into by the members of a family for division of

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Stages of a Civil Suit in a nutshell

Introduction Every suit shall be instituted by presenting a plaint in duplicate to the court which has jurisdiction to try the suit and is the lowe

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Second appeals: prerequisites and manner of consideration

Introduction Under Code of Civil Procedure, in a first appeal[1] arising from original decree, the appellate court is required to deal with all the

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In person application filed in the bombay hc but they reject

Posted by pradeep

Last 3/4 years I am visiting to the Honorable Bombay High Court for some SRA case where I am the Respondent.
I know this case since last 10 years and have much details about this Slum Rehab Projects.
And confident that I can appear in person because in this case the Respondents are State of Maharashtra, SRA and the Developer (Who never ever respond). It means that there are already two highly qualified advocates are there(respondents of State and SRA office) so I dont need any advocate to fight this case for me.
Few reasons why I am appearing In Person I must share here:
1 Don't trust an advocate. Had one very bad experience.
2 Dont want to go for LEGAL Aid becz I am very much confident.
3 HC advoctes charges are in lakhs which a common man cant afford.
BUT there is a problem while I apply for the permission to the Protonotay of HC (Regi) they just call or never call unless I do follow ups and attend one INTERVIEW with the Horrible Registrar of HC woh conduct it as a formality only. Feeling very sad to inform that this Horrible person had no written communications with any aaplicant who wants to appear in person.
Some members who were called for an Interview share their views that there is not a single person is allowed by this so called Horrible registrar or the Prothonotory. And if any one ask details of this so called interviews and process or the list of applicants they simply deny the Informations.
My own experience is that in different Writ Petitions in last 3/4 years I make an application for permission to appear in person but twice I got rejected. Thanks to the SRA advocate and the advocate of the state who argued honestly in that writ petitions and the Honorable Judge gave judgments based on facts and evidence.
My question for the experts is this :
1 What is the use of this in person appearance rights given to the citizens?
2 Where we can complaint against this type of irresponsible or unjust act of the Registrar of HC??
3 Does anyone have experience that somebody somewhere allowed to appear in person in the HC or any court???
I know that there are some good advocates as well, my friend who is practicing in HC and Supreme Court is helping me for free since last 6/7 years.
Please reply asap, thanks in advance.

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Updated on : 16/07/2019 21:56:08


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