Church of Scotland Kirk Sessions Act,1899


Act No : 23

Section : Power to hold and dispose of property.

3. Power to hold and dispose of property.-(1) Every Kirk Sessionconstituted as aforesaid shall, as a body corporate, have power toacquire and hold any property which has been, or may hereafter be,vested in it for the purposes of the Congregation for which it hasbeen, or may hereafter be, constituted, or of any trust which may havebeen, or may hereafter be, accepted by it, to transfer the same, tocontract and to do all other things necessary for, or incidental to,the purposes of its constitution or of any such trust as aforesaid. (2) The signature of the Moderator and Treasurer or Session-clerkfor the time being of a Kirk Session constituted as aforesaid shall,if affixed on behalf and by order of the Kirk Session, be sufficientfor all purposes for which the signature of the Kirk Session isrequired.


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