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Requisitioning and Acquisition of Immovable Property Act,1952

Act No : 30 of 1952

Contents of Act:


SECTION( 11. ) Appeals from awards in respect of compensation. View
SECTION( 12. ) Competent authority and arbitrator to have certain powers of civilcourts. View
SECTION( 13. ) Power to obtain information. View
SECTION( 14. ) Power to enter and inspect. View
SECTION( 15. ) Service of notice and orders. View
SECTION( 16. ) Easement not to be disturbed. View
SECTION( 17. ) Delegation of powers. View
SECTION( 18. ) Protection of action taken in good faith. View
SECTION( 19. ) Bar of jurisdiction of civil courts. View
SECTION( 20. ) Penalty for offences. View