Posted by dr g balakrishnan

29/06/2015 12:35:55

advocacy is generated for social well being, when so is it the responsibility of the society to protect the integrity of the profession still lurking in such advocates who for one reason or other had to give up practice.
Posted by dr g balakrishnan

29/06/2015 12:33:12

i do think for normal person as advocate on cessation of practice might be given some 2 persons ..husband and lead a simple life, for that what there can be a simple advocates welfare cooperative society ltd could be conceived, so that they need not be a disgrace to the society for they are misused by forces which want to attack good society by all kinds of means promotion 'actus reas' and 'mens rea' ..for such endeavour even governments could make some social fund allocation, besides some philanthropists might donate, is my view!

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