Civil Procedure Code (CPC)

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Often, society is willing to allow criminals to obtain leniency for their crimes, which can result in the existence of a person. Even though the offender was not influenced by his environment to commit the crime, the offender is liable to adopt the personality of the victim in order to gain sympathy. This is often successful because when more affluent people are in the presence of those who are considered less fortunate, they may feel guilt. In many cases, this guilt is not necessary. However, if a person begins to express their opinion that the perpetrator is avoiding responsibility for the crime by adopting the role of the victim, then presumably their views will be greatly criticized.

Victimology, even if it is honest, is often a way in which individuals justify crime for themselves and others. For example, one of the most common beliefs within the United States is the Great American Dream, in which everyone is happy, living in a good home, and parents have stable occupations that lead to comfortable living for their families We do. It does not reflect the reality of the slums of the inner city and poor rural areas at all. By clinging to the belief that, regardless of the effort in some cases, individuals deserve to experience the American dream, they may be willing to take what they feel instead of trying to work for it Huh. Some would argue that he has no means of working for this dream, and that he had no choice but to act in the way he did. However, this defect of society does not change the reality of the situations. Allowing a person to be free from guilt due to a victim mentality would be a slap in the mouth of those who work to succeed.

Here the most important similarity is between victim and criminology. Although it is easy to blame society for someone's trouble, it does not begin to solve the problem. Individuals on all sides need to think about how society can influence the role of the perpetrator and take steps to change things. In this way, when a person tries to adopt a victim mentality, we as a society can say that there were other options. By outlining the various options in such a setting, even more people can be made aware of the ways in which society is working to stabilize equality between different categories of individuals and make crime a product of the environment or environment. Is working to reduce. Criminology serves to examine how society and criminals interact, and this needs to be heavily investigated to find the cause of problems and work towards successful solutions.

There are also instances in which people who are considered seats of power will become corrupt. It is also important to look into this. Individuals may also try to take the role of a victim in this scene to appeal to the sympathetic public. In addition to sociopaths, individuals have ethical standards that will tell them what is wrong and what is right. Adopting the role of a victim to gain sympathy for anyone is a ploy against the thoughtful nature of others. When it comes to crime, the people who play the role of the victim are the ones who are the victims during the crime. For such individuals who survive, they are many times stronger than those who can be believed, and this puts a stop to the fact that the criminal will then try to adopt such a role, Which he violated, he will not even go to the court room.

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