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What Is Homosexuality? Homosexuals are as normal as ‘you’ and ‘me’. Yet, just because they love ‘their own kind’, they are ostracized and hounded by the law. And branded as ‘queers’ and ‘aberrations’ - precisely what they are not. Homosexuals are normal humans attracted to their own gender. Homosexuality (rarely Homophilia) is a sexual orientation or orientations characterized by romantic or sexual desire for, or sexual attraction towards member of the same sex. The term usually implies an exclusive or predominant sexual orientation toward persons of the same sex and is distinguished from bisexuality as well as heterosexuality. In addition to referring to a sexual orientation, the term homosexuality is also used for sexual behavior between people of the same sex. In women, romantic or sexual desire for other women is also called ‘lesbianism’. The term ‘gay’ is used to refer to homosexual persons of either gender, although it is mostly used to refer to males. Persons with the sexual orientation of homosexuality are sometimes called homosexuals. Many people regard the term ‘homosexual’ as derogatory or clinical because of its cold, antiseptic connotation, particularly when applied to a person, and most people who regard themselves as having a homosexual orientation prefer the term gay, lesbian, or, less frequently, queer or same-gender loving. Like heterosexuality, homosexuality is an orientation, which is not unnatural. Society is changing and accepts this orientation - what is not changing is the legal mindset in India.

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