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Karnataka Minister's Rape


Well! after customary protests and politicisation, the mist is appearing to be moving out of the Minister's Rape sexcapade.Yes. It appears to be a rape of minister's position than that of a women's modesty.

With due regards and apologies to the victim(!?)'s family, I am penning what is the case brought out by them as per their own versions in media.

Let us first understand few things. 

An Hindu can have only one wife. Anyone other than him living with him or separately but being with him alone is only a concubine/keep and not wife. hence, the alleged rape victim Chandravathy is not the wife of Venkatesha murthy, unless he married her after divorcing first wife.

A rape victim and their family needs not only sympathy but also active support, which i would give provided they are showing clear conscience. Here is a person who did not bother to see his own off-springs for 10 years in the contrasting setting of Luxury car in which the couple came to complain and the poor surrounding of first wife's house.

Normally, a victim's family will talk about injustice to them alone. here is a person who is claiming that in a week or two he will bring many such sexcapades. so doubt arises, we are listening to a victim or vendetta or agent of political conspiracy or of a more lower level.

Any prudent human being more so if he is husband, suspecting wife's modesty is in danger will rush home with weapon, call police or neighbours to rush to help, but here we have a cameraman of a sting operation mentality in saying he switched on video on mobile and entered house. Not just fishy but stink beyond that is arising here.

The video surely of the suicide attempt coaxing wife to talk as recording is going on and the very act of videographing a person who just attempted suicide and not being next to her providing solace or medical attention, requires utmost attention.

Further, it is claimed that they went to hospital the day of alleged attack or act. Hence, a person who does videographing and recording various conversations, must have carried out medical examination too. Not doing so especially in view of rape charges raises doubt. more so when hospital denies her being admitted or treated post act.

A person can not assume that police will not act. the day of act, they must have gathered friends and tried to file complaints. this has not been done. 

even after attempting suicide where the couple claimed medical care by admission to another hospital has also been negated by that hospital.

in press announcement, wife claims she was in trance and not in full consciousness, but husband claims she was fully awake.

no sounds of resistance or noise till husband enters the bedroom, so there was no fight for modesty, raising surely doubts of consensual or even seduced act with connivance of video-crazy husband. there were affirming talk relatives of chandravathi over phone about CD being made and 1 crore being dealt with.

the husbands so called call to minister the day or before filing complaint has continuous talk by husband and only hmm or single phrase response at the other end. is the number really that of minister or is it planted, with the help of minister's aides.

Also, the allegations appear to be attempt to rape, but not rape. The case booked is for rape. not a major lacunae. it will see adjustment in court post investigation

Minister too is not above board. Having been in touch with this issue for long, he said he came to know who venkatesha murthy is only after seeing the picture of complaint on the TV. Too naive halappa

Well. What may ensue, case on couple for attempt to suicide, defamation. 

Women's organisation (at behest of someone) may help file bigamy case through 1st wife.

Minister may see through this, as even in widely seen act of war on India, our prosecution filed a case which failed on 2 prime accused, what might happen here about a ruling party minister is known to all.

But the law fraternity must ask this question and fight for

How sweetly Article 14 is violated? if complaint had been on anyone else, the person is arrested immediately, subjected to brutality of third degree, extortion bid of hapless accused in hands of powers that be, public indignation, 

but just because a criminal is in power or comes to power post criminal act, can he be given differential treatment and still we hail glory of Constitution of India and Human Rights are followed in India.

Should we not alter laws providing immunity to persons in power

Should not all citizens be enquired at their residence than being paraded to police station and made to wait to see the inspectors?

Should arrests be the last resort and should not all arrests be endorsed by magistrates?



PS: Thanking all who peeped in my Nithyananda article making highest number of hits, expecting response to posers in this, as well as your reviews and opinions


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