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We have switched to the digital world a decade ago with the introduction of internet. Now, we shop online, pay online, sell online, and have a digital business presence for the world to see. Even though electronic or online transactions are so common, many people remain unsure whether electronic or digital contracts (e-contracts) are safe, valid, and legal. An e-contract is a legally binding agreement created and signed digitally with zero paperwork. It can also be in the form of a "click to agree" contract, which is commonly found in software licenses.

E-contracts save time, money and are highly authenticated as compared to paper contracts. Drafting and sharing a contract is no more a headache. There are various platforms which provide contract templates online in India. Feelium E-Contract is one of them. They have different legal agreement templates to choose from for Business Formation, Finance and Accounts, Vendors, Outsourcing, IT and more. The best part is you can modify and sign it as per your choice and download it in just 3 minutes. 

Benefits of Electronic Contracts

Time Efficient Process

Traditional paper contracts take longer for your potential client to receive, read, consider, and sign a contract. Let’s have a look at the process involved in drafting a paper contract and getting it signed from the client:

  • You draft a contract, print and post it to the concerned person.
  • Client receives the contract via post.
  •  Takes a few days to read the contract.
  • Other stakeholder/employees involved in the contract view the document.
  • The client signs the document, scans it and posts it back to you.
  • You receive the signed document in the post.

E-contracts solve this issue by enabling your prospects to view and sign the contract digitally from computer, smartphone, or tablet. In some cases, they may simply have to click an “I agree” button to close the deal. Greater efficiency through electronic transactions can boost your close rates and increase your sales considerably.

Moreover, an electronic contract in India allows you to draft and submit the contract without manually entering or updating data in the agreement. You can edit and share your agreement in just 3 minutes with legal contract templates available at Feelium E-Contract.

Eliminates Errors

Discrepancies in contracts generally occur due to any of the two ways: human error or manipulation.

Electronic contracts bring down these errors. How?

E-contracts allows you and the recipient to view and adjust the terms of the contract digitally before agreeing to sign it.

Electronic contracts foster a more collaborative process in which both parties may develop the contract together and agree to mutually benefit business transactions.

The addresses, names, signatures, and initials are consistent across the entire contract.

Reduces Operational Costs

Electronic contracts eliminate the cost of various equipment or tools required to generate paper contracts, including:

  • Paper
  • Printing equipment purchase
  • Printing equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Printer ink refills
  • Electricity
  • Postage
  • Filing & storage

Switching to e-contracts will save your company’s time and money. And you can easily share contracts with your clients whom you cannot meet face to face.

Safe and Authentic

Paper documents can be manipulated at any time throughout document creation, submission, and signing. This is why companies keep multiple copies or sign documents in the presence of a notary, just to ensure safety. E-contracts are signed digitally which eliminates a signee’s ability to tamper with a finalized document. It also makes sure that your online agreement is safe from hacking or any fraudulent activity. On Feelium E-contract only one copy of the contract is maintained for both parties in order to ensure complete transparency.

Improves Customer Service

Electronic contracts will help your clients/customers sign the documents from any location on any device. It looks more credible and authentic, putting a great impression on the clients. E contracts accelerate the process and saves time, which can be invested to streamline your workflow or other official activities.

Create and Edit Templates with E-Contracts

Do you produce high-volume contracts for a variety of customers or business partners? If so, drafting and redrafting contracts can be a huge headache. Feelium E-Contracts provides various legal templates in Delhi that can be signed and shared with the clients. You can also modify the template as per your requirement and download it by paying a minimal cost.

Why Choose Feelium E-Contract over Paper Contracts?

Hundreds of Lawyer Drafted Templates

They provide 350+ legally designed templates drafted by certified lawyers which enhances the reliability of the contract.

User-friendly Interface

Their user-friendly website will allow people to easily navigate and find their required contracts without any hassle.

Customizable Contract Templates

You need to fill in the basic details by answering a few questions to complete a contract. You can also ask our legal experts to help you customize the contract as per your requirements.

Digital Signature for Complete Solution

he legal documents become legally binding only when both the parties attach their e-signatures to it. For a complete solution, Feelium E-contract offer you the facility of Digital Signature and Video KYC. The OTP (One Time Password) technology to authenticate the users or parties is used for added security and authenticity.

Operate your business from home and draft contracts without any hassle with Feelium E-Contract. It is the one of the leading platforms that facilitates digital contracts in India. You can choose a template and make changes in it with the legal support provided throughout the process. It also ensures the security of your document by validating electronic signatures and authenticating them via email or SMS.

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