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Haji Ali judgement looks forward!

Haji Ali Tomb Entry. High court allowed entry?

Incidentally, Islam was born in the 12th century, so it is supposed to be the most modern one, so too Mohammed’s approaches too really modern, even a lot of Jews discussed with him then.

That shows, Mohammed was basically a more kind person, as he came to know on so many religions; he never wanted forcing any one to follow him,  unless one wished to; but many of his followers  and his ‘disciples’, as priests, developed their own versions, after the demise of Mohammed.

No doubt he was just an illiterate ‘from the modern prescriptions’; but he was a man of Wisdom, by his own observations of nature over years, after all most Seers surfaced or came into being, thanks to their observations of the very ‘Nature’ itself; - for no living being ‘escaped’ the Nature and its fury and at the same its kindness, that one has to note if he is bestowed with some common sense based Wisdom’.

Common Sense is indeed Uncommon; so Seers only could properly understand the very common sense.

With this introductory observation, I have to say the following thought.

You all know , Mohammed  in his 6600 ‘Surah’s there are two aspects one is General and is his judgements based on individual cases he tackled then.

Oh his 6600 ‘Surah’s only 550 or so Surahs has some explanation given by some erudite scholars; that means 5450 Surahs are just as it is as was stated out of Mohammed’s thoughts, then. In fact , Mohammed was considered to be a man of ‘empathy’ and ‘sympathy’; when someone castigated one of his wives he stood for her right of ‘human dignity’ , He said ‘None can hurt anyone’, a basic tenet he followed.

It is always that the ‘Fact(s)’ of each case is(are) different from the other, as ‘circumstances’, obviously ‘differ’, from facts of each case, that way we say in any court ‘Ground Facts’ of the case; Similarly, Mohammed too adopted after all it was a tradition ‘time immemorial’ to have the ‘ground facts’ in each case, which Mohammed was aware of like any ‘Illiterate’ today; sometimes so called ‘educated man miss’ even today.

In his time , as was present then, from the days of Cleopatra of Egypt, women could rule; and punish any besides they can wage war, annexe territories, that came in line from Pharohs of Egypt..

Even some women Pharokhs also ruled ancient Egypt, So nothing is strange as far as equality of women with men; that Mohammed was very much aware of like very Jesus and earlier founders of religions.

You might have seen Mughal  Emperor Aurangzeb levied ‘Jazia’ tax a poll tax on ‘Non Muslims’ obviously shows, ‘any one can follow any religion’ in his Empire. So was true all over the middle east kingdoms makes one believe there was freedom of religion to be followed, none can compose any norms as a way of life; after all Religions are basically - ‘a cultural way of life only’, none can impose on any one on ones free mind. After all freedom of religion itself is freedom of life.

It is a recognized fact, ‘Never Bottle Up’ once hatred emanates, naturally it leads to destruction that every religion followed

You might have seen how French Revolution surfaced in the 14th century France, Robertspierre spear headed the revolution, when Kind and Nobles misused the powers given by people, even in Monarchies, it is only the people decided on Kings and conferred ‘Divine Right’ that never meant , the people can be taken for granted’.

Religion put under ‘priests’ just to ensure ‘persuasive religious cultural living’, any failure of discipline in the priest or guru is immediately resented, as all of you could have seen in the case of Asaram Bapu and he is prison, though he tried to eliminate his opponents, so people are always more powerful than any force, like ‘water’ is when it comes in torrents then none can face, even earthquakes do surface.

When people either men and women oppose one vehemently, obvious something is very wrong or the other, may be in ‘religious practices’ or ‘governing’ one has to yield for peace keeping purpose; non would love destruction as it is.

You cannot fool anyone very long; maximum period is till the time that other person comes to know of how he or she is foiled.

When some say it is a sin to visit ‘tomb’, like in ‘Haji Ali’, it is obvious foolery, just to have some secret reasons might be right from ‘controlling’ anything, as such.

So the Court rightly passed the verdict for free entry of Muslim women or any one, after all we removed bar on temples so that any can visit temples, so too Christians have no bars on any reason, why there should be in some great tombs.

Babri Masjid, a Sufi Tomb, if there was no bar where was the chance of that tomb could be destroyed, Sufis very broad minded persons, so too Haji Ali.

All Muslims need to see they are guided by modern thoughts, as very founders of religions are basically broadminded persons time immemorial. 


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