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It is the rainy season of elections again. Coming are the Punjab and U.P. Everybody will engage in election activities shortly or show to be engaged so. Colours of the turbans will also get change. Changing the party and taking the better opportunity in another party is a normal act for the political leaders. Every leader wants a suitable and comfortable position in his party, and if they did not get the desired honour, then they did not hesitate to even change the party. Matter of party ideology, manifesto, party worker’s feeling and public interest are all of secondary importance in the urge of power and chair.

In our Indian democracy, it is a great defect that the rainy season of elections never goes. It is every time raining in the country at one place or another. It should be happen once in the time of 5 years in thorough out the India, which can save multi crores of public money and make the government working all time. Polls after a short span in different states make the political leaders indulge themselves in the cold war. They spent almost 60% to 70% of their working time either to blame the other party leaders or defend ourselves to reap the fruit in the coming elections.

Now the political parties have their eyes on U.P and Punjab. Every party is making big promises and it is the luck of the parties which depends upon the Head or Tail game play by the voters in the elections. Let’s talk about Udta Punjab. Opposition is talking about the matter of drugs as an opportunity but the ruling party is saying that it is not uncommon in Punjab only, but also occurring the same cases in Udta Rajasthan, Udta Haryana etc. I get ashamed of these political statements by our political leaders, which is another push to just mislead the public only and in reality, no body have concern to the root problem. Drugs consumption among the youth (especially college students) has a steep rise in the last few years. Neither center government nor state government is ready to take the responsibility of this drug cancer. State government is blaming to the center for not securing its international borders, even the center government is their partner in the state. Is it not another misleading act of the state government? Center government have shut his mouth on this matter. Delhi C.M. wants full statehood. They said that they are just like a Mayor of the city and the police of the Delhi should be under the control of the Delhi C.M to work efficiently. But in Punjab this is not the problem. Even then the government is not ready to take the responsibility of drug cancer. Is it impossible to control the drug menace in Punjab, if the both governments (center and state) want to remove it collectively? If yes, then why another misleading to the public? And if you are not able to even control the drug menace at your land, then how can you show your chest of 56” to the Pakistan to control the terrorist in the Jammu and Kashmir. This is the matter of deep analysis by the general public. Because these leaders will never opt to close their shops, which are converting the blood of lakhs of youths in to multi crores rupees for them.   

BJP have a good opportunity to play its card in the Punjab State, with its ideology. But due to some reasons they do not take divorcee from the Akali Dal in the Punjab. In actual, both parties have nothing in common in their ideology, but to remain in power and to keep the congress away from the politics, they are singing the song “CHOR CHOR MUSERE BHAI”. Due to the fear of repetition of results of elections in Bihar and Delhi, despite of full Modi campaign wave in these states, they have forgotten the large public interest in Punjab. Even from the last few years, the party leaders were demanding divorce from the Akali Dal, but the senior leaders are watching the movie in the silence, which results in to the resignation of Navjot Singh Sidhu from the Rajya Sabha and from the BJP party also.    

The congress party leaders have lack of unity, which was the main reason of defeat in 2012 elections also. This time, the shadow of the position of senior leaders at the center level and in other states will help to the other parties to put the ball of vote smoothly in their bags. I again give the reference of party ideology here through the idol of Manpreet Singh, who was the ex- finance minister in Akali Govt, make a new party and contest the election separately in 2012. Due to lack of funds and lack of efficient team leaders, he was defeated. But, he get 6% of voting share in 2012 elections, which I think is the second reason of the defeat of the congress in the elections. Even Akali- BJP was not sure in 2012 to come back in the power. It was happened due to this triangle and 10-15 seats were fallen in the bag of Akali – BJP with very low margin. Now he is contesting under the flag of Congress, and I want to ask from him that where his ideology goes now? Is he misleading to the people now? And if he have a concern to fight with the Akali’s only, then why he mislead to the people in 2012?  

Farmers suicide, Global recession, worst condition of industry in Punjab, high rates of electricity in the state, rise in the diesel and petrol prises, high commodity prices, worst sanitation conditions of cities and villages, lowering the standard of education in govt. schools, bad facilities in hospitals, are the matter of manifesto only to which the people vote for. At least we should compare the previous manifesto’s of the ruling party with the actual working, that all the promises made by them in the last elections was fulfilled by them or not. The manifesto of the other parties should also be compared with each other and the comparison of the ideology of the parties should be paramount with the high agenda of development and youth employment.    

Aam Aadmi Party has a new face in the state elections of Punjab with 4 M.P’s. Earlier they won the Delhi with 67 score out of 70, which I think was amazing and very difficult. But all was happened due to a large unending list of promises made to the public. Do anything happen in to reality? Is it not another misleading to the public? Now they are claiming full majority in the Punjab. Will they succeed to get benefit of anti-incumbency or to mislead again?     

Every party talk about 84 riots near by the election period and after the elections, they forget everything. Many Sikhs were brutally assassinated, after the assassination of Indira Gandhi by a Sikh Security guard. So many governments have changed and congress and Akali- BJP both major parties have achieve the chance of rule in the Punjab and Delhi State. But have they done something. Then, why another misleading to the public? I also want to discuss here the matter of Gujrat Riots and Punjab Terrorist. Everybody talks about the Godhra incident, but anyone knows, what is the reason of the incident? Why the matter of the Hindu’s assassination previous to the Gujrat Riots and during the black days of Punjab Terrorism is not discussed anywhere? Are they not People of India? Did they not deserve sympathy? Did they not deserve reservation, which have lost their parents in the assassinations? Indira Gandhi’s move to attack on Golden temple was not to hurt any religious feelings, but it is not the fault of the Indira Gandhi, that the terrorist have taken the shelter under the roof of Golden Temple. She was “daringly” and “knowingly the consequences of attack” have taken the decision, and no one can stand in comparison of that Iron lady. I did not want to prove anyone right or wrong. Past time has gone and at current time, we should concern about the development of the state and not of any previous matters, by which no one will get benefit except these political parties. Even the youth of the Punjab States did not know that what was happened in the black days of Punjab. They listen the stories from their parents or read the incidents in the books or novels. Then why should they concern about these incidents in the elections, and how can these incidents help them to decide that to whom they should vote or not? These are just playing cards of political parties, but the ultimate game is in the hand of public and mainly youth is the deciding vote. Discussions should be made that how can we promote National games? How can we increase domestic production? How can we increase the matter of opportunity in the employment? How can we improve the conditions of government schools, hospitals and government offices for better results? How can we increase our research studies? How can we improve the quality of our food crop production? How can we improve our infrastructure?  We have given wide powers via our Constitution, and this is the right time to use this power of vote and it will be luck of these parties, that who will win the race by the game of head or tail in the hands of the voters.

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