Is Capital punishment sufficient to stop rapes in the country?

“Rape” it is the most common word in the country which is heard now a days. This word is in the mouth of everyone from a child to a senior citizen of our society. There is one thing common in every newspaper and news channel now a days that is the news of rape. A survey which states that in every 54 minutes a rape is being committed in our country. I am not making any project or writing this after having or making deep research on rape, but I am sharing a common feeling of a student, youth of our country. What the youth is thinking about this rapidly spurting rapes.

We have heard or read or seen that women are given the highest post or position in the family or society. Especially in India women are considered as goddess. Even our country India which is also called “Bharat Mata”mother of the nation is also a woman. Then why women are treated as animals now. Now why the women are treated so brutally.

What is rape? According to me rape stands for: 

R: Rarest of the rare offence;

A: Atrocity of last level;

P: Permanent damage to life;

E: End of or murdering of soul.

Rape is the heinous crime which can be committed. In murder there is a demise of the person only for once but in rape the victim demises everyday. The sex-starved goons who commit rape are the hounds or devils of the society wearing the mask of a human.

Last year an ordinance was passed by the government, which include implementing of some new laws and amending of some old laws related with offence committed against women. According to which now the maximum punishment for rape has been increased to death penalty.

On 4th April of this year, the landmark judgment of Mumbai sessions court which awarded capital punishment to 3 repeated rape offenders. This punishment was awarded in the famous Mumbai Shakti mill gang rape case. This was the first time in our country when capital punishment was awarded for rape.

After this whopping number of people thought that now there will be a decrease in rapes. But, Is it really happened? Many people says that capital punishment for rape is good it will be affective. Some people think it is wasteless, it will not make any changes.

But my view, a youth’s view is different. According to me the enforcement of capital punishment for rape offenders will not make can change in the society it will be neutral. As because many rapes has been happened in our country even after the enforcement of the capital punishment. The heinous “Badaun” rape case of two girls in the state of U.P which again stunned the whole nation. In the same state again a rape of a woman magistrate happened within a gap of few days happened. It is the condition of our country that even the protectors of law and justice are also not protected.

The condition will not be changed until the law and order will not work properly, will not come under any influence whether its money or politics. Because it is said “if law is not properly administrated it is just like that the salt has lost its flavour”.

“People with legal problems are like people with pain, and it is the duty of the doctor to cure his patient as soon as possible. Here the courts are the hospitals and the judges are the doctors who can cure the patients by providing medicine in the form of justice”.

There are few ideas by a common man of the society which he thinks can be helpful for decreasing rapes:

1. The administration have to work technically. There should be one stop rape crisis center in every block level.

2. There should be special fast track courts in every district specially dealing with rape problems.

3. Councelling should be done of such convicts who commits this rape asbecause according to me to execute a convict is not a permanent solution. If a student is failed in his exams that doesn’t mean that the school authority should remove him from the school. The solution is that the teachers should give more attention to him so, that they can convert a bronze into gold.

4. Time limit should be fixed for the trial of rape cases so, that the justice should be done as soon as possible.

5. Stop rape awareness camps should be organized in every village for explaining the brutal effects of rape, which not only destroys the victim’s life but also the life of the offender and his family to.

6. Inspite of giving capital punishment the convicts should be awarded life imprisonment. So, that they can realize every single moment that what they had done.

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