What it takes to practice as a lawyer in Courts?

So... What it takes to be a lawyer in Courts?... From my own experience

There are two extreme corners of law practice one being a corporate lawyer in a company or law firms and the other as an independent practicing lawyer at Court. 

My experience drawn from the later. 

The most frightening truth is no amount of law study during your college has no use or whatsoever when you start practicing before the court. The real shock slaps right on your cheek when you enter the court and see the ocean of black coats which gives serious thought of your career in legal profession. 

The real practice of a junior lawyer during his initial years of practice starts from appeasing the court officers, clerks, Office Assistant and even office bearers for each and every day to get the job done for his senior. Truth to be told, it is much harder to convince the above then convincing a Judge on a case. As younger as you look, you will have lesser chance of winning over them. One of my friend, had no choice but applied some oils to grey his hair only make himself look older. Fair it is for women lawyer, they switch to sarees so they appear old enough. Not to blame the litigants who searches for lawyers with the qualification of having grey hairs on their ears and bald on their heads to hand over the cases. The profession which strongly presumes here that age brings wisdom. 

Those who say the higher attrition rate is in BPO/IT would definitely change their stand if they peek in to legal profession. In my personal experience, I saw 90% of my classmates no longer pursuing the legal profession who were during my first year of practice. Thanks to swarming (fake) law colleges due to which the quality of law practice drowns as quantity of these rises. They do take the path of law only to get the B.L/LLB behind their name for hassle-free entry into politics.

To survive in legal profession, a junior lawyer must have a parent or relatives in legal profession, only then he/she gets a chance to hold their tails to run around the corners of law. Least, one should find a place in the office of a competent senior lawyers who also expected to have the generosity to pay his juniors for what it takes for them to survive the initial years of their practice. 

All I can say my experience comes from the life of a bamboo tree…. A planted seed of bamboo grows much slower than the fern which rise and shine within few months. Though the bamboo tree shows no sign of growth for few years, later it rises to sky as its roots made it strong for what it needed to rise and survive. 



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on 21 July 2014
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