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Articles by Abizer Merchant

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Battered woman syndrome

  Abizer Merchant   09 March 2023 at 12:21

Introduction Battered Woman Syndrome (BWS) is a term used to describe the psychological and emotional trauma experienced by women who are victims of domestic violence. BWS is not a medical or psychiatric diagnosis, but rather a term coined by social ..

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Rule Of Law In India

  Abizer Merchant   09 March 2023 at 12:21

Introduction The rule of law is a fundamental concept in any democratic society, and India is no exception. The Constitution of India, which came into force on January 26, 1950, enshrines the principle of the rule of law as one of its core values. Th ..

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Biotechnology guidelines 2013

  Abizer Merchant   02 March 2023 at 11:41

Introduction In 2013, the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) in India released a set of guidelines for the regulation of biotechnology research and development. The guidelines were developed with the aim of providing a framework for the safe and respo ..

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Supreme Court's Exclusive Jurisdiction

  Abizer Merchant   01 March 2023 at 11:58

Introduction The Supreme Court of India is the highest judicial body in the country, established under the Constitution of India in 1950. The Supreme Court has exclusive jurisdiction over a wide range of matters, including disputes between the Indian ..

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Paris Convention for the protection of intellectual property rights

  Abizer Merchant   28 February 2023 at 10:48

Introduction The Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, commonly known as the Paris Convention, is an international treaty that sets out the framework for the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights such as patents, trade ..

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Jurisdiction of High Court

  Abizer Merchant   27 February 2023 at 15:39

Introduction The jurisdiction of High Courts is generally outlined in the Constitution of the respective countries or in the laws enacted by the legislative bodies. In India, for example, the jurisdiction of High Courts is outlined in Article 226 and ..

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Powers Of The Governor In India

  Abizer Merchant   24 February 2023 at 12:40

IntroductionThe governor is an important constitutional figure in India, serving as the representative of the President of India in each state and union territory. The governor is appointed by the President for a term of five years and holds signific ..

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Family Court in India

  Abizer Merchant   22 February 2023 at 14:33

Introduction The family court system in India plays a crucial role in resolving disputes related to family matters. These disputes may include divorce, child custody, maintenance, adoption, and succession, among others. The family court system was in ..

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Pre-conception And Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (prohibition Of Sex Selection) Act, 1994

  Abizer Merchant   20 February 2023 at 10:36

IntroductionThe Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994 is a law enacted by the Indian Parliament to prohibit sex selection before and after conception, and to regulate the use of technologies for p ..

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The Protection Of Women From Domestic Violence Act

  Abizer Merchant   17 February 2023 at 11:38

Introduction The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 is an Indian law aimed at protecting women from domestic violence and providing them with legal recourse. Domestic violence is defined by the law as any act, omission, or action th ..

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