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Articles by adv. rajeev ( rajoo )

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Sec 197 of Cr.P.C.

  adv. rajeev ( rajoo )   13 December 2010 at 07:35

A person who is govt., employee working on deputation in a co-oprative society, he is not a govt., employee. AIR 2005 SC 4303 Criminal case was initiated against the person who is govt., employee, he challegned it on the ground that no sanction in t ..

Posted in Criminal Law  4 comments |   6621 Views

Maintenance sec 125 of Cr.P.C

  adv. rajeev ( rajoo )   26 July 2010 at 08:49

SEC 125(1)(a) Maintenance-Expression ' unable to maintain herself' - Potential earning of wife is not in contemplation in expression- cannot be interpreted to mean capable of earning. Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act ( 78 of 1956) S. 19 M ..

Posted in Criminal Law  2 comments |   4527 Views

Pious Obligation of sons - Hindu Law

  adv. rajeev ( rajoo )   26 July 2010 at 08:49

Hindu Law -Pious Obligation of sons -basis of - immoral debts - son's liability to pay. The doctorine of pious obligation under which sons are held liable to discharge their father's debts is based solely on religious considerations. The do ..

Posted in Civil Law  1 comments |   8570 Views

Sec 6 of Hindu Succession Act

  adv. rajeev ( rajoo )   14 February 2010 at 18:47

GIST OF THE KARNATAKA HIGH COURT JUDGEMENT – HINDU SUCCESSION ACT 1956( AS AMENDED BY ACT 39 OF 2005) Testamentary Disposition – Right to succession- Scope and ambit of sec 6- HELD, Hindu Succession Act, 1956 ( as amended by Act 39 of 20 ..

Posted in Civil Law  1 comments |   7239 Views

Consumerism and human rights

  adv. rajeev ( rajoo )   15 October 2009 at 09:48

HUMAN RIGHTS; CONSUMARISM AND YOUTH. * INTRODUCTION: The conglomeration of idea of human rights, consumerism and youths encompasses the perennial need of understanding human rights in its right perspective and its serious association and onslaught ..

Posted in Others |   6397 Views

Suit in Rem and suit in Persona.

  adv. rajeev ( rajoo )   05 October 2009 at 15:11

Dear Members,On interesting thing about the knowledge of the judges I I want to share it.Suit in REm and Suit In persona;Suit in Rem means suit filed against whole world, there will not be any defendant. Suit in persona means suit against a partiucla ..

Posted in Civil Law  4 comments |   5037 Views

Insurance Certificate

  adv. rajeev ( rajoo )   28 September 2009 at 15:33

Transfer of Insurance.Certificate of Insurance is deemed to be transferred in favour of the person to whom vehicle is transferred with effectg from the date of its transfer. ..

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  adv. rajeev ( rajoo )   28 September 2009 at 15:33

Case Laws : Brain Mapping Test. Admissibility of report of brain mapping test-result of a scientific test will depend upon the authenticity. Whether the brain mapping test is so developed that the report will have probative value so as to ..

Posted in Criminal Law  1 comments |   1899 Views

proof of documents

  adv. rajeev ( rajoo )   16 May 2009 at 20:21

PROOF DOCUMENTS; Private Documents: Sec 75 of the Evidence Act defines private documents, as all documents other than public documents.When in a case private documents are produced as evidence by the parties the burden lies on the parties to prove ..

Posted in Civil Law  2 comments |   11482 Views

Sec 17 of REgistration ACt

  adv. rajeev ( rajoo )   14 May 2009 at 20:49

Registration Act : SEC : 17 :Under the said section registration of a documents related to any immoveable property if it is more than Rs.100/- then it should be registered., even tittle of the immoveable property cannot be conveyed to other person w ..

Posted in Civil Law  1 comments |   2087 Views