Cyber Crimes Not Yet Solved

Cyber Crimes Not Yet Solved

By PRashant Mali (
Probably you all don’t even know these crimes happened. Still, they are all time mystery and go in history of Cyber Crimes with accolades.
February 2008- Supermarket Security Breach: At least 1,800 credit and debit card numbers were stolen at supermarket chain throughout the Northeast and Florida.
Winter 2008- 26,000 Hack Attack: Unknown hackers used thousands of sites, including, to redirect traffic to their own JavaScript code hosted by servers known for malware.
March 2006- MBA App Hack: A hacker broke into the automated Apply Yourself application system, then posted information on how applicants could track their status at some of the nation’s top business schools.
October 2003 - Kucinich on An over zealous Dennis Kucinich supporter hacked into and replaced the homepage with the Kucinich’s logo. The page automatically redirected to a 30-minute Kucinich campaign video.
October 2001- Anti-DRM Hack: A hacker known as Beale Screamer created a program to allow Windows Media users to eliminate digital-rights-management security from its music and videos.
December 2000- Stolen Military Source Code: A hacker broke into a government contracted software company and stole the code that controls both missile and satellite guidance. Officials traced the intruder to Germany before their trail ran cold.
January 2000 - CD Universe Credit Card Breach: Hacker Maxim sole credit card information off, then demanded money from the website in exchange for destroying the data.
May 2008- Comcast Redirect: A hacker group gained access to Comcast’s registrar, then managed to redirect those attempting to access webmail to the hackers’ own page.
February 1999 - Hack of Ministry of Defense Satellite: Hackers infiltrated the MoD Skynet military satellite, signaling a security intrusion. The hackers also managed to reprogram the control system.
October 1989 - The WANK Worm: WANK (Worms Against Nuclear Killers) hit NASA offices, displaying a protest banner to stop the launch of the Galileo probe. Authorities believe the attack originated in Australia, although no one knows for sure.


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