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1. This is to convey my displeasure and dissatisfaction about the bureaucratic atrocity and conspiracy to dilute the judicial system of our country so as to obtain unlawful gain by the so called public servants. The evidence gathered by me and available on record of the respective Government offices shows that the so called public servants are deliberately creating so many causes of action for a single dispute and forcing thereby the innocent common man to approach courts of law by filing litigation after litigation and thus are causing unnecessary work burden on the judiciary which results in the inordinate delay in the administration of justice. 

2.  In respect of criminal justice, even if the victim happens to be an individual, his act is treated as an offence against the Society at large. Therefore, the entire Society or community is concerned with such an act. It is, therefore, necessary that the Society should be protected from wrong-doers and offenders.

3. However, with due respect and salute to a few honest bureaucrats, most of the bureaucrats appear to be corrupt, united and conspired to dilute justice delivery system. Possibility of a person being oppressed, harassed or subjected to unjust trial or illegal proceedings is not ruled out in our country.

4. The victims of bureaucratic atrocity are further victimized and offenders and wrong doers are strengthened more and more by the bureaucratic unlawful unity and conspiracy. The charge-sheets are prepared defectively by the police with an ill- motive of helping the accused being acquitted on ground of benefit of doubt. The criminals benefited from unlawful service of bureaucrats are showing their gratitude by becoming their henchmen.

5. Bureaucrats themselves are doing dirty politics of dividing the people to stimulate fire of ego between two or more groups and suppress those who can raise voice against public servants who abuse their powers by openly supporting the wrongdoers. The bureaucrats stoop down to such an extent that they cause anonymous letters to be circulated to damage the family of the complainant in such a way that he might be discouraged in his genuine fight to secure justice through legal means out of humiliation or fear etc.

6. The bureaucrats have made a situation where the common man are convinced that “Law is  above only those who obey it and not those who defy it” .  This is the main cause for brain drain in India. Indian experts in various fields who cannot survive this kind of situation are constrained to leave the country which would be a great loss to our nation. The common man cannot easily fight with the bureaucrats who do wrongs for unlawful personal gain, and can easily approach even the Apex court of the country with the taxpayers’ money.

7. It is unfortunate to observe that some of the police stations in our country have become a place of refuge for the offenders and wrong doers. The victims or complainants are being called by the police without any summons or notice under the pretext of enquiry and are allowed to be ill treated by the offenders themselves even in front of the police personnel, notwithstanding the working of CC TV in the police station and thus victims / complainants are made to feel insecure even in police station itself so as to force them not to proceed against the bureaucrats.

8. Superior officers in the bureaucracy, when considering the complaints of the common man against the subordinate officers, are just doing the role of defense lawyers instead of redressing the grievance of the common man against the subordinate bureaucrats and their brokers (!). However, the superior officers get their unlawful work done from their subordinates by blackmailing them on basis of the complaints received against them from the public. The victims are further victimized and, therefore, are stressed whereas the offenders are blessed by their superiors.

9. The bureaucrats have conspired to convert the courts of law a place where private parties can quench their ego by creating causes of action for future litigation between them so as to enable the corrupt bureaucrats to go scot-free.

10. Victims feeling unsafe in view of bureaucratic atrocity and conspiracy, are getting scarred of even approaching courts of law. In absence of protection to the life of victims and witnesses, justice delivery system has also become “not easily accessible” to the common man. The common man is, therefore, suffering from stress related diseases and forced to die a sudden death either natural or unnatural. The most unfortunate thing is that the fourth estate of a democracy, i.e. press is also managed by the corrupt bureaucrats to report false news against those who raise voice against the bureaucratic conspiracy.

11. Provisions of laws including Right to Information Act are being diluted day by day and the persons seeking for information are taken revenge by the bureaucrats. Judgments of hon’ble Apex court of India and that of hon’ble High courts are taken for granted and violated by the bureaucrats without any fear of its consequences at all. 

12. I regret to mention herein that Indian politics is going down in a narrow and selfish way. Politicians doing wrongs and offences cannot be spared in absence of the bureaucratic unlawful support. Our politicians, therefore, cannot be expected to support judicial reforms to ensure justice to the common man in our country. Courts are not only supposed to administer justice to those who can come and fight a legal battle, but also to those who cannot even come to court against the bureaucrats either out of fear or because of unaffordable expenses for securing justice, etc. till the Apex court of India for some practical reasons.

13. To-day, the victims are forced either to rely upon the mercy of Almighty God or to secure justice through violent self help as it was the practice in the primitive society, in spite of so many codified laws having been enacted and courts of law having been established to administer justice, etc. I am afraid to say that this may make the victims to form groups, if possible, for their own defence, land and security out of disappointment or dissatisfaction over the judicial system in the Country. Such a circumstance would be extremely bad because there would not be any security of life and property in the country. In the end, it may lead to unwanted civil war in any country. This could be prevented only by an independent judiciary like ours by ensuring timely justice to the victims, notwithstanding the political or social status of the offenders and wrong doers including the influential corrupt bureaucrats of our country.


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