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Ramlila Maidan has never seen such a big crowd of one hundred thousand men, women and children as on 4th June 2011 who assembled voluntarily in support of Swami Ramdev Ji, the international Yoga Guru. Presently Swami Ramdev Ji is in the midst of a mass movement to put peaceful pressure on the Government of India to do away with corruption and bring back to India the black money stashed in foreign banks by financial offenders. The ascetic Guru just represents common man’s feelings of not supporting the govt that is notorious for having the maximum number of corrupt ministers ever. The corrupt cabinet is presided over by a meek man who is controlled by the President of the ruling Congress party. The lady President was born and brought up in Italy and has little understanding of the cultural ethos of Bharat.



Before Swami Ramdev Ji launched the BHRASHTACHAR Mitao Abhiyan, another social activist of sound credentials had launched a Satyagrah on similar lines that was largely supported by the white-collar workers of the govt. That movement was a roaring success but the govt kept on dilly-dallying with the finalization of a plan draft to finalise the changes in the Constitution of India to give power to people. It took a fairly long time to approve the nomination of five ministers and five members of the civil society. The committee so formed to root out corruption and draft  constitution anew to run the country smoothly. Anna Hazare, most active social activist and a fearless campaigner wished to proceed with the names received but someone to the other objecting to the inclusion of so and so  and the exclusion of so and so.


The said committee has yet to take off. Anna Hazare had rightly informed Swami Ji  that Kapil Sibal is a past master of playing dilatory tactics. On retrospection, Swami Ramdev Ji finds how true to the cause Anna Hazare was.


The large number of people, especially from the rural areas who joined Swami Ramdev Jio’s movement, really made the concerned ministers nervous. Moreover when Swami Ramdev Ji sat on the UPVAS or Fasting campaign, as many as one lac people did do. About a million men and women had chosen to cast their lot with that of Swami Ramdev JI. To keep the Satyagrah men and women occupied throughout the day, bhajans, pravachans, poetry recitation were taken recourse to.


The unflinching support of the common man to the cause of beating Bhrashtachar 0ut and eliminating it from the day-to-day life of the citizenry, got all the media attention, both print and electronics, that it needed. All these factors made Smt Sonia Gandhi, chairperson of the UPA so nervous that she advised the Prime Minister to crack the whip on the protestors. The Delhi Police did it in a very ham-handed  way and apparently beat the bull in the China shop hollow. The matured men of the Chinese govt felt scared that the immature govt of India could not be trusted for letting poor people have a slice a day. The knee jerk solution of a Congress-led cabinet  really put the lives of common people across the Himalayas in jeopardy. Thus one of the many fall outs of the Jallianwala type of police high handedness was developing a lack of faith and trust in the currency notes of the Chinese government.


At home, the Congree-led govt demonstrated that butter- oriented administration, now on, now off, could not be entrusted with a serious-natured job. Both India and China had to bite the dust on the international forum where they lost credence. The BBC international news, now more famous and reliable in its impartiality than ever before in  reporting, caught the bull by the horn and called a spade a spade. Frank and fearless reporting of that shameful event, has given the Manmohan government a stain and a stink that “all perfumes of Arabia may not sweeten Manmohan’s hands.



A couple of days before Swami Ramdev Ji arrived at the Dehra Dun airport, It was thought that he is the man who had brought a solution that would be panacea of all ills. Swami Ramdev Ji was received at the airport by four cabinet ministers who bent backwards to placate him. The talks lasted a couple of hours and all concerned were convinced that in this parley permanent solutions may be found. On looking back it is found that the Government of India was never serious in making an attempt to find a solution as her own party men and government ministers had a lot to explain about their bank balance.


Since the government of India was not serious in finding a solution to the twin problems of Black money and return of the Indian black money stashed in foreign banks, they had little option but to order a crack down on Swami Ramdev Ji and his followers and devotees sitting on a Satyagrah in the Ramlila Maidan, Delhi. It was done a little after midnight when the whole world slept except the nocturnal creatures like Ministers, Prime Minister and Congress President. They used brute force on peaceful people and separated mothers from their children, husbands from wives and luggage from owners. Poor people, victims of the Police atrocities had nowhere to go to at that hour of night in a metropolis that is notorious as the most unsafe city in the world.



The central govt did not have enough courage to keep Swami Ramdev in its custody for long. He was released near the Palam airport soon after being taken into custody and flown to Dehra Dun, capital of Uttarakhand where his Ashram, Patanjali Yogpeeth is located. The common men and women who sat on Satyagrah along with the internationally known Sanyasi were scattered all over the place. The Pandal erected by the Bharat Swabhiman was dismantled by those people who have no pride in their own country. Those who have stashed ill gotten wealth in foreign banks are absolutely not interested in bringing that Black money back. Apparently, the Satyagrah for the noble cause will go on, irrespective of the fact whether the noble Swami is permitted to be back in the national capital or not.


TRUTH is on the side of the Swami. He is waging a war against the high and mighty corrupt people. There may be initial reverses in the campaigne but the eventual victory in rooting out Corruption and bringing Black money back from foreign banks will be his.It was Maharana Pratap Jayanti when the Bhrashtachar Mitao Abhiyan was launched on 4th June 2011. Like the fiercely independent-minded Maharana of Mewar’s ultimate victory against the cruel and oppressive Moghuls, Swami Ramdev’ Movement for Eradication of Corruption will eventually succeed. The beneficiary of the great fight of Light over Darkness” will indeed be the COMMON MAN.


By Brigadier(Retd) Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

UPVANOM  609, Sector 29, Noida -201303,  INDIA. 

Email “     and  


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