A custodial death of a father and son to start a protest in Tamil Nadu


Even during these tough times, the situations can take a turn even for the worse, and a protest in the midst of such is nothing more than the mockery of law and order. While the world angers over the death of George Floyd to police barbarity, back home the demise of a father-son duo allegedly in police custody in Tamil Nadu's Tuticorin district has resulted in a furore in the state.

Now, media reports have indicated that the pair was viciously sexually ill-treated in police custody.

Facts of the news:

P. Jayaraj, 58, a timber dealer, and his son, J. Benicks, 31, who owned a phone service and sales centre, were inactive for allegedly keeping their shops open when licensed hours at Sattankulam city in Thoothukudi district and remanded to judicial custody.

On Friday it had been mentioned that the father was closing the shop around 8:15 p.m. that was past the time assigned within the district, Personnel from the Sathankulam police station was on patrol duty, reportedly force him up for running the shop on the far side the permissible time, And an argument happened.

On Saturday evening, the police personnel visited the shop once more and had a confrontation with Jayaraj. Once the son interceded, each father and son were taken to the police headquarters and engaged underneath many sections of the IPC, as well as Section 188 (disobedience to order punctually publicised by employee) and 353 (use of force to discourage public servant from duty).

On Sunday, when a medical check-up, the pair was lodged within the Kovilpatti sub-jail. That evening, native residents alleged, Benicks complained of hurting and Jayaraj had a high fever. each was taken to the Kovilpatti government hospital, where Benicks died on Monday evening and Jayaraj succumbed to respiratory disorder Tuesday dawn.

The action of the Judicial System:

In a swift response, the Madurai Bench of the Madras supreme court, that took suo moto cognizance of their death, has determined to control the progress of the statutory magisterial investigation. it's asked for a standing report from the police and conjointly directed that the autopsy be video-graphed. Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami has proclaimed a compensation of ₹10 hundred thousand every, whereas 2 sub-inspectors are suspended ANd an inspector placed on obligatory wait. The sheer moratorium of police personnel concerned is AN inadequate response to AN implausibly wrongful abuse of authority by the enforcement machinery. The police ought to register a case of murder and also the matter confiscated by AN authority for a good investigation. Custodial  deaths square measure typically the results of the pervasive use of torture in India’s police stations for extracting admissions of crime, however , it's not uncommon, alas, for the police to use their power and authority to settle personal scores. If the death of Jayaraj and Benicks square measure ultimately established as guardian killing as a result of torture or assault by the police, it might solely mean that the matter is way deeper than the mere lack of expertise in fact-finding strategies. it would indicate a unique pathology among police officers that produces them visit violence and damage against the weak. Since the first days of this internment, there are numberless reports, typically backed by video footage, of the police and officers assaultive voters within the name of imposing restrictions, and award  personal penalty on violators, and generally kicking and overturning carts containing things purchasable. During this case, the father was thrashed even before being taken to the police headquarters.

Their offence would have solely attracted Section 188 of IPC (for disobeying the time restrictions ordered by a public servant), however, they were conjointly engaged underneath Section 383 (extortion by threat) and Section 506 (ii) (criminal intimidation). it's renowned that the police embrace ‘intimidation’ within the FIR exclusively to get AN order of remand because it is non-bailable if they're bent upon causing somebody to jail. The inclusion of non-bailable sections for a lockdown violation indicates a perverse and previous inclination to harass the 2 and cause suffering. the highest brass of the police too can have to be compelled to bear responsibility for this atrocity because it indicates a proof failure to get down norms for policemen on the sphere to handle internment violations with quality.


A Chennai-based news site The Federal has quoted eyewitnesses as an expression that Jayaraj and his son Fennix were allegedly sodomised in police custody.

Quoting friends and family, The Federal reported that once the father-son pair was free from jail, they were found abundantly hurt from their body part. “Between seven am and twelve pm on June twenty, the father and son had modified a minimum of seven lungies (waistcloth) every as that they had become wet thanks to blood oozing from their rectums,” The Federal quoted a follower of Bennick's as expression.

The friend is conjointly aforementioned that the father-son pair came out of jail in a very dishevelled state with torn and bloody garments. He added that they complained of severe body part pain and unbroken hurt from their body part. They were taken to a hospital when being free from jail wherever the doctor allegedly declared the pair match on the insistence of the native inspector.

Bennick's and his father were then taken to the judicial functionary however reportedly couldn't tell the reality of their ordeal thanks to perennial threats from the police. Friends of Bennicks, who were present within the police headquarters once the police rounded them up, told the news outlet that for 3 hours, they detected solely the screams and cries of Jayaraj and Bennicks. "Throughout the night, the pair cried for facilitating and folks residing concerning five hundred meters off from the station may hear that,” the looker reportedly aforementioned.

The Justice Demanded by the Family:

The family demanded that a killing case be registered against 2 sub-inspectors, since transferred, alleging they were in command of the halt of their father and brother. They aforementioned that they had lost each the male members of their family. The relatives aforementioned they'd not settle for the bodies until their demand was heeded to, as the post mortem was command at the Tirunelveli Government Hospital. Various political parties, as well as the DM K, wished action those chargeable for the duo's death.

Now the concern here stands is whether the cost of a naive citizen of this nation is merely a compensation of some payment or will justice be served against the protector of the law themselves?


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