Mumbai Attack-Time to Action

This is very unfortunate we the native since last  four decades are facing hostilities, bomb blast and firing. Many innocent civilians have become the victims of  this contemptible  acts. Since the day of independence India has been facing the problem of insurgency and terrorism in different parts of the country and from very beginning we are fighting against this undeclared war. The terrorist violence in India has become a serial.


November 26, 2008 Mumbai attack is a black day for India; it was a major terrorist attack in India. Moreover a terrible and major attack may be a war. Many innocent civilians, police personnel and foreigners have been killed  in this attack.


Our neighbour Pakistan has always harboured terrorists against India with an intention to destabilize our country. We also get threats from Bangladesh and in the South from Sri Lanka. Terrorists use Nepal as easy entry and exit points because we have open borders with Nepal. Our borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh are not fully sealed. We face trouble on the North -East region with China who claims Arunachal Pradesh as his own part. These countries help these terrorists to establish their bases from where they can carry out their evil acts. We are encircled from almost all parts. Besides this it is our bad luck that some of our own people are involved in these evil activities.


It is also our misfortune our politician are still playing politics for their own interests.  Governments cannot impeach to each others. Governments changed on the completion of its tenure but the police, officers and state machinery remain same. So impeach to each others is not good signal for a healthy government. After the incident of ninth September whole country of USA was united, every political party, citizens, officers and media persons paid their attention against the terrorism without criticizing each other. Consequently, terrorists defeated and no second attack is again. Here in India situation is entirely opposite. We are interested in critics and impeachments, our media is also irresponsible, they are interested on making the best movies and as far as possible to show in the television, they have no knowledge of good and evil. They are fully untrained and have devoid of common sense. As an example when ATS Chief Late Mr. Hemant karkare was wearing jacket and helmet for fighting the terrorists immediately live coverage was showing in the television and the no doubt terrorists were also looking same  and they made target Mr. Karkare on his neck. The terrorists are armed with latest weapons but our police and forces are with traditional weapons, how long our police force will fight with these modern lash weapons terrorists. After all, those are also human beings, how long we will give their sacrifice.  This is the time to take hard decision against the enemies of humanity at he end of our government. We as a responsible citizen do not give any chance to those politicians who want to play politics on this issue. We have to need to modernize our police forces and joined with latest weapons and training. Our intelligence agencies are inferior; there looks a communication gap between our intelligence agencies. Therefore, we need to have more responsible and powerful intelligences.  



Finally, I want to pay my sincere homage to all those who had lost their lives in this attack. My special homage to those police officers, commando and an army officer who loss their lives to save our lives. I express my deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victims, and want to assure them that they are not alone; this entire nation is equally depressed at the loss of lives. Put a brave face against the enemies of humanity and do not let them succeed in their evil motives.




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Tribhuwan Pandey 
on 01 December 2008
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