Indian Politicians

I always wish our politicians to visit our residential locality, in spite of how corrupt and criminal they are for the reason that our approach roads will be repaired, disinfected, life size flexi-banners will be tied to the Power Cable Poles across all roads and road junctions, flower garlands would be in demand in our locality and in this process some of the poor people will get daily wage for attending the above jobs.

Further the locality people would also enjoy the stereo type speeches of our great politicians who do not know even about our Indian Constitution, Number of States and Union Territories and even the number of Districts of their own state. 

I always wish our politicians to keep involved themselves continuously into similar scandals/scams like 2G Spectrum, CWG so that our Government of India can constitute committees to go into the scam to find out the actual money swindled by our politicians and close the cases booked by CBI/DRI/IT/Customs/Excise/FEMA etc. after extending the time period the committee year after year for two to three years. By doing this our Government is creating employment to some persons who have either retired or idling their time.

I always enjoy the dynastic culture of our present politicians, for the reason that it would in the coming days open the eyes of our village farmers and other artisans to encourage their own trade based on traditional knowledge to withstand against the one sided International Patent Laws which is being thrust upon us with ulterior motives by the Developed countries. The simple reason is we Indians sharing the knowledge or inventions in distributing to the needy at free of cost. But the developed countries want to make money by giving new names/tags and discouraging our inventions/knowledge spreading into other countries.

I always enjoy our pseudo secularism / reservation system as we divide our society very cleverly by setting up colleges, schools, hostels, community halls, finance corporations, re-habilitation centres, Universities based on religion, caste, sub-castes which leads to differences, demolition and further re-constructions giving scope development of our politicians, scams and committees.  Hand full legal cases for lawyers service matters under reservation system. It is really great secularist idea.

I enjoy our politicians reminding us about our past and passed away politicians’ names very often. If some one is trying to depend on others legacy/income for his living we call him as a parasite. Actually parasites make their living on the dead bodies to balance the environment. Our politicians for their living they are very rarely kill the poor people in riots and there is shortage of dead-bodies hence they live on the names of the dead by installing statues and reciting dead politicians’ principles which suits them. Our politicians are better than parasites.

I enjoy our system of depriving the meritorious students, chances of getting seat for higher education/professional colleges and employment. Indirectly Government is encouraging the meritorious students to be on their own to set up consultancy services to give /extend services for the persons to face the real life problems for those who have passed out with 30 marks from schools and colleges. This reality we are not realizing and we are blaming our Government. We need to change our mindset for blaming the government’s  knowing the real intentions. This way we can even allow investments from foreigners and import technology, and update our technology with the outdated technologies for foreigners.


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