Husband and his friends abusing me and threatening me

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17 July 2017

I got married in june 2016. Right from the day of marriage, my husband is telling me that he is not interested in me as im not beautiful. He used to tell me to buy expensive dresses, perfume, do makeover etc etc., I tried my level best but he says I don't have that rich look that he expects in a partner. He keeps taunting me that his cousin brothers' wives are all so posh looking and when he takes me out, he feels ashamed that my fashion sense is not upto the level. From the date of marriage till date he has not updated his facebook profile that he is married to me. He has not introduced me to any of his friends or colleagues or office mates. If I ask him, he will say that "when marriage breaks then it will be embarassing to remove the marriage details from facebook page". I was shocked at his attitude. I am educated, working girl but I dont understand what should I do. I asked him to buy cloths for me whatever he likes and I will give him money but he says "it should come from within to do dress fashionably and to look posh and refuses to help me". His behaviour was always weird as in he is always on whatsapp/FB and he doesnt go out. He has quit his job 2 months back and is absconding now. I am still in my matrimonial home with my in-laws but my husband is untraceable. My parents came down last month for talks but my in-laws are saying "our son is not a small child. We cannot beat him or tie him up inside the house. He doesnt listen to us. what can we do. we cannot run behind him. If u want you ask ur daughter to search and find him. If situation is good he will come back." like that. Last week, there was a notice to our house from a Bangalore lawyer stating that my husband has cheated a girl namely "Sanjana" promising to marry her and misused her physically and if my husband doesnt return the pictures taken with her she would file case u/s 354 against my husband. Immediately after this my in-laws said they are going to Bangalore. I asked them to take me with them but they refused. Now they have not returned and they have blocked my number and my parents number in their mobile phones. I tried calling from STD booth and to my surprise they are picking the call and cutting it after 2 seconds. I got itemized bill for my husband's last known mobile number from service provider and called few of his dialled numbers. His friends who are taking the call are abusing me with worst slang in Kannada. They are threatening to break my face and asking me "why are u roaming behind our friend. wont u get any other guy?u shameless woman! when he says he doesnt like u why are u after him.fuck off.if u come here we will give u nicely. u wont understand just words we will do u. dont put scene as if u r aishwarya rai." like that. Not just this, they abused me as bitch etc., over phone.Another guy says "u want a guy then come to me.why only my friend?i am not ok ah" After that I stopped calling them. I have recorded the conversations with those guys.I want to file case against my husband and these guys. Can I file case against them? Is it that I called them over phone so i can't file case against them for abusing me? I never planned to file cases on my husband but he abused me through some bastards and I cannot tolerate this. Please guide me so that I put the husband guy and his friends in jail.

Adv. Yogen Kakade (Expert)
17 July 2017

This is a clear case of breach of trust, mental cruelty and harassment. You can certainly file criminal case against your husband and your in-laws. Teach them a lesson of lifetime. Fortunately you have an advantage being a woman as many specific provisions are available for you in Indian law to get the justice. Ultimately, it matters how strong and how far you are willing to go. Do not worry, be strong and never tolerate any such nonsense from anyone. You can also book these so called friends of your husband as you are having enough evidence. It is advisable to you to consult a good lawyer and proceed. These circumstances also give you an advantage in filing a divorce petition with your terms of compensation.
And remember.. they can not file any case against you, as per the facts mentioned by you.
All the best,

Adv. Yogen Kakade
Jurycon Incorporation (Advocates & Consultants)
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Kumar Doab (Expert)
17 July 2017

It is your call and decision to save the marriage or separate......

Decide carefully.

Advocate Suneel Moudgil (Expert)
17 July 2017

agree with both experts but as per my view better to go and lodge complaint immediately.

Kumar Doab (Expert)
17 July 2017

You may require evidence................

let your elders and your own counsels talk to you and help you to decide and gather evidence..........

Rajendra K Goyal (Expert)
17 July 2017

It seems the other party would not understand till called by police few times and going to court repeatedly.

Discuss with local lawyer and proceed.

P. Venu (Expert)
18 July 2017

There are laws to come to your rescue. Take the initiative.

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