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12 October 2017

Respected sir
I have signed a bond of six month with a contractor by signing on his letterhead and by submitting by original document. Within 2 months I got a job in govt sector on a 3rd party pay roll. So I left my contact job. And 4 days before leaving I went to my owner and told him regarding same. He scolded me and told that he won't give my 2 months payment and my document till I hand over the job any other supervisor. Next day I handed over to other supervisor and again I went to meet my boss and at time he told he won't the job to b handed to that supervisor and gave the name of three other supervisors. Now he want me to hand over the job to all the three supervisors and these three supervisors are not ready to come with me. Every day any one among the three supervisors are giving escuses and they are not coming with me to clear my document and payment. I feel that the owner he himself would have told the supervisors to ignore me. And the owner is not at all listening my words. I want my document and my payment both. My father is an auto driver so I can't effort losing my 30k salary. Plz suggest me sir what should I do.

J A H A N G I R (Expert)
12 October 2017

Sorry to say that you have put yourself in a tight spot.
Your employer is not a bona fide person. Try negotiating with him because legal recourse comes with a price!

Kumar Doab (Expert)
12 October 2017

You could have avoided signing on dotted line i.e. Bond.
You should not have signed without consulting competent and experienced well wishers, seasoned employee's/trade union leaders, a very able counsel specializing in Labor/service matters.

You must not have handed over your original certificates that have been collected as some collateral.

Saying, asking, telling are all verbal modes of communication.

Apparently the employer is behaving in such manner so as to level charges of 'Non handover of charge' and misconduct and square off your dues.

The Bond is crafted on what grounds say some training from some certified Instt?

Either resolve the matter with your own skills, or thru support from unions or by approaching officials in Dept of Labor or thru a very able counsel.

Kumar Doab (Expert)
12 October 2017

While posting such queries employee should post basic information!
What is this establishment; Commercial, Industrial?
What is its nature of business say; IT, ITeS?
How many persons are employed in it?
What is your designation and nature of duties?
How many persons report to you?
Do you have any power to sanction leave/increment/appoint/terminate/appraise etc etc ?
You are in which state? Since how many months you are working? Are you under probation period or your service is confirmed in writing?

Do standing orders (model/certified) apply to establishment and your designation?
What is notice period as per appointment letter/offer letter and what was notice period tendered by you?
Was ever any stinker, memo, show cause notice on any misconduct issued to you?
Does the establishment have its appraisal system? Do you have copy of signed appraisal forms, matrix, KRA’s, performance date? How was your performance?
Are you a member of employee’s/trade unions?
Has the establishment issued/supplied, offer letter, appointment letter, salary slips of all months, PF number and a/c slips of all years, ESIC card, correct FnF statement, Form 16 as per correct FnF statement, acknowledgment and acceptance of notice of resignation/final resignation, acknowledgment of handover of charge, NOC/NDC……………?

Guest (Expert)
13 October 2017

Two absolutely vague posts of Mr. Kumar Doab. Where is the relevance of "could have" or "should have" in the present situation, when the bond already stands signed and the problem of the querist is about.what should he do now to get out of the problem due to existence of such bond.

The querist would be justified to ask Mr. Kumar Doab, whether he guarantees that his problem will be solved by him, if the querist supplies the huge personal and organisational information sought by Mr. Kumar Doab. Question arises, would the bond conditions get dispensed with automatically, if he supplies all the undesirable personal & organizational information to Mr. Kumar Doab and what he will do with such information?

Another question arises, if the quertist supplies all such of the sought information, what specific type of solution Mr. Kumar Doab would provide by using such information?

Rajendra K Goyal (Expert)
13 October 2017

Fruitful advice not possible without referring the document signed by you. It seems a contract, it terms need to be referred.

Any legal action from you would attract cost and time.

Try to have amicable settlement.

Rajendra K Goyal (Expert)
13 October 2017

Mr. JIGYASU - Legal analyst

Very easy to comment on others..

Should try to contribute if possible / have capacity.

Your single moto is to comment on targeted experts of the site rather to contribute.

Kumar Doab (Expert)
13 October 2017

Dear LCI Querist @ Mr. Deepak Pallad,
The entity that has attacked, abused you and has littered IT’s TRADEMARK TAMASHA, nuisance, sarcasm, abuse in IT’s 5th post in this thread is one of the multiple fake ID’s of IT=@PSD that does nothing else than IT’s DAILY TRADEMARK TAMASHA, nuisance, sarcasm, abuse at LCI in all threads.
IT’s contribution in all threads from day 1 of creation of this fake ID is NIL and Zero.
IT’s contribution your thread is NIL and Zero.

Kumar Doab (Expert)
13 October 2017

It hellucinates IT as some good for nothing ordinary master in some tribal school in some badlands under the tree.

IT was nothing,NOone,Nobody at LCI
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Kumar Doab (Expert)
13 October 2017

You may go thru another thread at;

and all threads under IT’s profile.
IT advertises IT’s IT’s DAILY TRADEMARK TAMASHA, nuisance, sarcasm, abuse at IT’s profile also.

Kumar Doab (Expert)
13 October 2017

Dear LCI Querist @ Mr. Deepak Pallad,

Similar query ON Bond, Relieving letter can be found in many threads that you can ‘SEARCH’ in ‘SEARCH’ option on middle of right hand side of this web page in Experts section and in ‘SEARCH’ option on bottom of right hand side of the web page in Form section…………….

You can also ‘SEARCH in other sections e.g; Articles, Judgments, Files………… And download even citations, judgments, procedures etc etc ………

Avoid posting photos/names/email id/phone numbers/addresses etc etc or attaching any document containing photos/names/email id/phone numbers/addresses etc etc and erase photos/names/email id/phone numbers/addresses etc etc while sending any documents to anyone, anywhere except your own very able senior LOCAL counsel of unshakable repute and integrity specializing in such/civil matters and having successful track record in handling such matters thru courts of law and with concerned authorities …

Guest (Expert)
13 October 2017

@ Rajendra K Goyal,

Two very vague and irrelevant posts by the close associate of Mr. Kumar Doab, a fake expert with unreal name!

If youi are a real legal expert, what is your own contribution, when you have already stated, you cannot provide any fruitful advice?

I don't think you are a one-eyed person on account of which you could have failed to see two vague and irrelevant posts of your own close associate, Mr. Kumar Doab, a fake expert with fake ID, who tried to seek personal information/ organizational information of the querist merely for misuse by him.

However, I can understand your dilemma that due to your blurred vision through black goggles, you can't see the fault of your own close associate and fake expert More so, nobody can expect any contribution from you also, as you don't have any knowledge about service laws.

Guest (Expert)
13 October 2017

@ Mr. Deepak Pallad,

Four more quite vague and irrelevant posts by Mr. Kumar Doab (unreal name) and close associate of Mr. Rajendra K Goyal. If he is so concerned, why not the tamashbeen and fake expert, Mr. Kumar Doab advises to you?

You may like to know that when these two fake experts start making their irrelevant posts, every expert at LCI avoid making any contribution. BOTH OF THEM PLAY ONLY NUMBER GAME JUST TO FALSELY TRY TO RIDE HIGH IN THE EXPERTS' LIST.

Guest (Expert)
13 October 2017

@Mr. Kumar Doab,

You should have common sense that the querist has not asked where to search. He has asked for the advice on his problem. If you know there is some similar query, why not posted link of that thread for the guidance of the querist. What for you are an expert.

By the way, are you really a legal expert?

P. Venu (Expert)
13 October 2017

Your original certificates belong to you. He is entitled to keep them as a bargaining chip. As to employment, it is enforceable. Of course, you are required to make good the notice period, if any.

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