Ompadhi   Wrote on 10 September 2019  

Sir I cannot read it as I dont know the font

ADV. VICKY UTTAMRAO TAMBE   Wrote on 08 May 2019  

i just download the draft but cant read, bcoz i could not get the font

Satish Kadav   Wrote on 04 October 2018  

doc format

DARSHNA   Wrote on 09 May 2018  

In which Marathi font it is? I am unable to read. Can PDF be uploaded of this Marathi document to enable users to take benefit of it?

dadaso sutar   Wrote on 16 December 2017  


Rohit pise   Wrote on 23 July 2017  

Bhawano madat kara rey..dakhwa kaytr..waat chukelelya mansala

RAVI MASKE   Wrote on 17 March 2017  

Sanjay how did u read it....

RAVI MASKE   Wrote on 17 March 2017  

Where will I get the font akruti devpriya

sanjay Choudhary   Wrote on 13 March 2017  

haq sod patra , akruti devpriya , Marathi , 6 page , .doc file downloaded doesn't converts in text form , how can I read it ? I have urgent need to read this file haq sod patra. ???

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