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(Electricity Act-03) over drawl of power is unauthorized use


Wherever the consumer commits the breach of the terms of the Agreement, Regulations and the provisions of the Act by consuming electricity in excess of the sanctioned and connected load, such consumer would be `in blame b. and under liability' within the ambit and scope of Section 126 of the 2003 Act. c. The expression `unauthorized use of electricity means' as appearing in Section 126 of the 2003 Act is an expression of wider connotation and has to be construed purposively in contrast to contextual interpretation while keeping in mind the object and purpose of the Act. The cases of 72 excess load consumption than the connected load inter alia would fall under Explanation (b)(iv) to Section 126 of the 2003 Act, besides it being in violation of Regulations 82 and 106 of the Regulations and terms of the Agreement. #doc

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  on 18 February 2012
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