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About me

  Member Since : 22 March 2010  (Hyderabad )

Here is brief about my case;

1. False 498a FIR registered & Chargesheet filed on same day in last year 2009.
2. Got unconditional Bail within 3 days (for me, mother & my sister)
3. Published in News papers with my photo about the case
4. DV case registered along with the Passport arrest
5. Interim Order passed for Rs. 25,000/- per month
6. Passport arrest was clearly rejected by Judge (1st Victory)
7. I am paying her maintenance regularly
7a. Based on the Muslim Law, I divorce her as she seek from trial court to stop me visiting her house.
8. I lost previous job but by the grace of God, I got another job. (2nd Victory)
8a. Got married within 3 months after divorce. (3rd Victory)
8b. As my old mother could not appear regularly for DV case, I got permission from the lower court for their Absence. (4th Victory)
8c. She approached HC for my mother & sister's Absence, HC gave judgment that "their appearance will be subject to the demand of Judge from lower court, hence regular appearance is not mandatory for Parda Nasheen ladies". (5th Victory)
9. She could not produce any sort of evidences during trial of DV and she accepted this. (6th Victory) She made lot of contradictory statement in Chargesheet and DV case.
10. My lawyer called her for Cross Examination where she accepted divorce (7th Victory) during cross examination, she made many contradictory statements.

10a. She mentioned during cross that she has no source of income, while she is the owner of commercial property and getting handsome monthly rent. I collected the Certified Registered Documents and Encumbrance Certificate (which shows that she is the owner of that property even before our marriage) and the copy of rental cheque from the tenant on her name. (8th Victory)
11. Sister's cross examination is over.

12. My lawyer called the other side for her cross examination again and expected to happen it soon.

13. Her 2nd Cross examination is over and it was interesting, because she admitted that she is the owner of property and earning handsome monthly rent out of it. She also admitted that she had no connection with her in-laws and they never visited matrimonial home. Her father is taking rent by force as the matrimonial home is within the premises of her beloved father. (9th Victory)
14. My cross is over.

15. Argument stage is over.

16. HC stayed further proceedings on 498a case for all my family members. (10th Victory)

17. HC order No attendance of mine required for 498a (11th Victory)

18. Judgement for DVC awaiting

19. No wittness from otherside appeared (12th Victory)

20. In her 2nd cross she said that she filed DVC only for maintenance of children (13th Victory)

21. DVC Judgment arrived: case dimissed with no cost. (14th Victory) Hurray!

22. No maintenance for her, no relief to her at all. (15th Victory)

I will keep on update my case on regular basis.

Thanks for visiting my page.



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