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Prof. P S Sawhney

About me

  Member Since : 10 March 2010  (Chandigarh )

My basics are a Mater's degree in Civil engineering from Roorkee University. My Pay fixation case was the first in the few cases which went before the First Bench of CAT, New Delhi in 1987.The same was decided in my favour.The case in brief was: Earlier I was working with State of Maharastra in Group "B" and was selcted by the UPSC for Group "A" post in Chandigarh.My basic pay in Maharashtra was Rs.11,00/- p.m. while in Chandigarh I was getting only Rs.750- p.m. the srating salary of new post. My working on the Patents did provide me an eagle's eye & the same was refined by my visit to USA Patent Office for first hand study. I did contribute many research articles on the Patent system in the eighties.

Inspead of paying the arrears which was a sizable amount the authorities took the matter to the Hon'ble Suprme Court but lost the same. Not satisfied with that verdict the powers that be invented a novel way of harming my interest and made only part payment by withholding my EB, on the basis of some pending enquiry.I had to consult three eminent lawyers but every one said that I would have to fight a separate case, for which I was not prepared. As the matter was cooked up, I could smell the rat.

So I decided to approach the Hon'ble Suprme Court with a SLP arising out of the Contempt petition,whcih was ealier dismissed by the Principal Bench of CAT. the Hon'ble Suprme Court gave me a patient hearing and I did win my case aginst two virtusos. All this made me study Law and I did LL B from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Well I did write one book on Commercial Law and the same has been published by M/s Pelican Publishing House, New Delhi.That is more than sufficient.

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