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  Member Since : 08 March 2020  (Hyderabad )

#If ur wife files fake 498a
#below r da points taken from true events happened in june 2018 in #Hyderabad #Telangana
1#collect as many proofs as u can(sms,whatsapp,calls, record calls, emails,pics, videos, emails,
2#police know that it's a fake case,but they ask u for money/bribe(don't give them),call anti corruption bureau (acb)
3#police/s.i/c.i/a.c.p will say they will do justice,but even after you submit proof that u r innocent,they will ignore(ur wife bribe them), police will not do any enquiry & send u to jail & include ur family members in charge sheet
4#on the day of ur arrest, police will send u to court at 5pm in the evening,that means u didn't give bribe(ur wife gave bribe to police) and Judge will send u to 14 days jail(ur lawyer can bail you out in 2 days)
5#on the day of ur arrest,even if u voluntarily/willingly/by choice go to police station,,police SI(ur wife gave bribe to police) will write in charge sheet that he chased/caught u at xyz location (which is a big lie/crime)
6#ur wife gave bribe to police so ,, police will lie/write in charge sheet that u agreed that u committed crime/took dowry/beat ur wife/etc which is a BIG LIE
7#GOOD THING is after 3yrs(maybe more),bcoz it's a fake case ,case will be dismissed/closed,u wil b free to go
8#May God deliver us all from this corrupt Police/COURT/

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