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I would like to introduce myself as Mr. T.H. Sree Rama, Project  & Managing Trustee of an NGO initially named as "Service Matters Consultancy" - later changed to "Pre & Post Employment Counseling, Research & Training Services & now termed as "Global Institution for Skills & Careers" operating from Flat No.18-33-6, First Floorm Mak Towers, Zahid Nagar, Street No.2, Opp. Survey of India, Uppal Road, Hyderabad - 500039, Andhra Pradesh.

Initially I took up the job as clerk cum typist in SBI, dharmavaram, Anantapur District, AP & I could not like the routine job of additions, deductions, multiplications having no application of mind scope and spending the time just filling in the gap.  I worked for one year.  I resigned the post and Joined M.COM in S.V. University, Tirupati, chittoor District, Andhra pradesh.  During a period of 2 months, I prepared notes for the whole 2 years by obtaining special permission from the Professors to sit in the library, study the books, prepare the notings and get it submitted to them for their valuable comments.  At that time, I received the orders of appointment as Upper Division Clerk in the office of the AG, AP, Hyderabad.  I was posted to Provident Fund Section, where in it was seen that number of entries pertaining to Provident fund accounts of the employees were being received in pencil entries resulting in a number of provident fund accounts remaining unposted.  I did not want to work under such circumstances there by causing injustice to employees on account of my inability to do justice to my job.  I went through the relevant rules and regulations and found a provision for unilateral transfer.  I am quite confident that even today many people are not aware of the fact that there is such a provision in the rules.  With in 3 months, I got myself transferred to the office of the Director of Audit, South Central Railway, Secunderabad under the provisions of such unilateral transfer.  There I passed all the Departmental Examinations such as Departmental Confirmatory Examination, SAS Preliminary Examination, Subordinate Audit Service (Railways) Part I & Part II equivalent to CA/ICWA/ ACS / MBA and also Revenue Audit Examination.  My target was to complete all these examinations before completing 10 years.  But after completing 8 years, I passed all these examinations.  Thereafter, based on my application forwarded through proper channel, I got appointment as an Accountant in Central Warehousing Corporation, a Central Public Sector Undertaking headquartered in New Delhi coming under the Ministry of Food.  During the period of my service in Railway Audit, I never used to stick on to the test audit percentage check but I used to select the item of Audit by presuming sng the prevalence of a number of irregularities and used to take up extensive check with intensive approach and used to bring out Special letters and part I Audit Notes depending upon the magnitude of such manipulations.  Through out my service there in , I used to ask for transfer to different sections under the same office  and had an opportunity to work in the areas of Administration, Internal Audit, Efficiency cum performance Audit, Inspections, Establishment, Pensions, Construction Audit, works Audit, Traffic Audit and so on and so forth.  During the same period, I served the Dandakaranya Development Authority, Jagdalpur, MP on deputation.  Thereafter I was relieved from the office of the Diector of Audit, S.C. Railway.  I was insisted to resign.  It was against rules.  I took up the issue with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India by enlightening him with rhe relevant rules and regulations on the subject and got my entire service there in counted in CWC for all purposed of retirement benefits.  Director of Audit, S.C. Raiway was called for explanation in this behalf.  


During the period of my working in CWC, I was selected for foreign assignment to the Royal Government oif Bhutan and served at Thimphu during the period from 1-8-1984 to 9-2-1987.  I was promoted to the post of Asst. Manager (Accounts) in CWC on 30-6-1983 that too after fighting with the management.  I could not digest the irregular practices of the then financial adviser and took voluntary reitrement w.e.f. 31-3-1994,  Thereafter I was writing books for padala Ramireddy  Law college as a ghost writer getting Rs.2000/- per topic.  I used to come out with 3 topics in a month.  Later, once again my servies were requisiti9oned for by the government of India for onward assignment to royal Government of Bhutan and served once again during the period 31-3-1995 to 31-3-1997.  I served Satyam Constructions callede as Maytas Infra in their internal Audit Wing and could come out with the exposure aof 42 crores manipulation out of 200 Crores project  IJM - SCL Corporation - Road Contract in Mumbal.  As Mr. Ramalinga Raju did not take action on my report, I resigned the post and came out warning him that the day of his imprisonment was not far off.  This was the position as 31-7-2000.  I was taken as the Chief Accounts Officer by Satyam Shankaranarayana on their Larji Hydrop Electric Project unit at Kulu Manali, Himachal Pradesh.  I served 2 years there.  There also, I resigned the said post and came back to Hyderabad after working there for 20 months.  There reason for leaving the said post was this.  World Bank, ADB, IBRD are granting loans to diversified projects in India.  Project loans are sanctioned with interest at the rate of 1% to 1.5% per annum.  The payments would have been routed through the respective RBI branch of the State concerned directly in favour of the concerned project.  Instead of this, GOI used to receive the said loan in the Ministry of Finance - transferring the same to Power Finance Corporation charging 6% per annum interest and PFC in turn charging the concerned Project Unit with 14% interest per annum and ultimately getting the interest at the rate of 16% per annum absorbed as a part aof the project cost.  That meants, GOI had been reflecting Rs.16 Crores as Interest incurred in their records as against the same reflected as receipt of one crores in the records of World Bank.  Such was the magnitude of manipulation.  Coming to the Interest charged on the Machinery and Mobnilization advances, it was interest free as per the records of World Bank.  whereas, they were charging 16% per annum interest on such advances from the Contractor.  As I was representing the Contractor in the said case, I took up the issue. with our GM at the project site.  He refulsed to take up the case and as such I resigned the said post and came out.  Practically, I was through down / necked out from the office of the Finance Minsitry when I asked for the copies of the World Bank Tender Documents.  I could approach the Audit wing attached to the Ministry of Finance and could get at the relevant orders.  Such is the sense of dedication and commitment I possessed during my employment.  Even now the same tempo continue.


I was blessed with the grant of FIM from the Institution of Managers, New Delhi;  I had been blessed with the title of Accredited Journalistship from the side of the World Bank online media briefing centre.  I am having the membership of the South Asian Foundation for Regional Cooperation through education and sustainable Development.  My institution finds its place in the World Association of NGOs.  I am accredited with the Membership of Lawyers clubindia.com.   The name of our institution finds place on the list of NGOs on the Planning Commission of India's Site.  I am appointed as the Chief Administrator for India Virtual School - Bhutan Virtual School - Maldives Virtual School - Nepal Virtual school.  I have also been appointed as the Content Development Director and also the Director of Central Asia Virtual Schools (with 72 countries to come under my control for future development.  World Virtual School Project is a sponsored project of US Department of School Overseas Education, State of Illinois, USA. 

My name is Sreerama.  I am never worrked about "Sri" ie., Lakshmi.  I would like to contribute to the society to the maximum extent with my innovative ideas and approaches. My Present venture is that I would like to catch the 7th standard English Medium passed candidates, induct in them excellent skills in English - computer fundamentals - internet operations and there after get them accredited with One Year Foudnation Course - One year High School Diploma - One year Intermediate Diploma and One year Graduation Diploma.  Simultaneously the students shall be extended intensive training in Employability skills and self employment skills.  The certificates shall be got signed by India Virtual School - World Virtual School and also the Certificates of Proficiency in Employability Skills and Self Employment Skills separately shall be got signed by the Joint Director, Modular Employability Skills under the Ministry of Labour and Employment. 


Thopse who are interested in my World Virtual School project and other activities of mine, they may kindly visit the website: centralasia.wvs.us.com.  They can search for Thumakunta Sree Rama on the Face Book - send a friends request so that I can get the same confirmed for the purpose of facilitating your goodself to get at my articles in English - Telugu and Hindi on diversified topics.  Definitely you would reading them.


I would like to catch the Class X passed or failed candidates, get them covered udner the para leagal volunteers scheme under the National Legal Services Authority and get them equipped with 6 months effective training in drafting legal documents and taking up processing jobs so that they remain either employed or self employed.  Please bless this gentleman of 67 years age working single handedly without any staff or helping hand standing steadfastly for contributing to the society to the extent he can.  You will be surprised to find that at this age of 67 years, my candidature finds place on the UNV Roster.


Yours Sincerely

T.H. Sree Rama






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