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About me

  Member Since : 23 September 2017  (Cuddapah )

I am an normal middle class, Person with  MBA as my qualification. I was happy with my life and was working with various companies in Bangalore.


Suddenly My family decided of my marriage with a woman who later changed as a NIGHT MARE for me and my family.


Currently I am facing 3 CASES : 1) DOWRY Harrasement - Criminal Procedure case

                                                           2) Civil Suite                      -  Demanding me to pay the marriage expenses of 25 Lakhs

                                                            3) Maintenance Case   :  Family Court, case demanding me to pay a sum of 15000 Every Month


I am totally innocent and nothing to do with this allegations. As all of them are FALSE and has no meaning for the appeal.


Please help me out in my case. I am facing this cases since 3 Years

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