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anand das

About me

  Member Since : 07 September 2009  (Mumbai)

I am working as an administrative officer in a company in Mahaarshtra. I am 31, happily married.

I have a passion for knowledge. i like to find out how things work, what are their answers, reasons and logic behind them. In this pursuit i try to find answers to many things like the life itself, this universe, things happening around, and even day to day matters etc. 

Needless to say, i am very much attracted to spirituality and am a firm believer of God. 

I am also intrigued by law since it gives answers to one of the spheres in my life i.e. day to day matters, corporate matters and i come to know how the system works. I have started reading law topics also.  

Lawyers club is a fantastic forum to get answers to my questions.

Thanks for visiting my profile. my contact -  ananddas111@gmail.com

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