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Tax Advocate - Income Tax, Sales Tax, Property Law and Other Taxes

The best thing about  A. Ramakrishnan,  L.L.B., Madras High Court Advocate is that he is a “thinking” counsel in the sense that when you pose your problem to him, he is thinking beyond the contours of the law. He also represents the ideal mix between technical perfection and raw aggression in the taxation matters. He is also thinking of the problem from a businessman’s parerspective. And so, when he is arguing the point in Court, he is able to slip in a practical example of how the non-acceptance of his point will adversely affect business prospects. Also, he has having training in a Chartered Accountant firm has given him an edge over all others. In matters involving complex accounting or finance issues, you can see that while the other counsel are sub-consciously feeling that their knowledge is inadequate and are diffident in their presentation to the Court, he has no such complexes. He knows that there is no one in the Court room who knows the subject better than him and this gives him an air of superiority which he exploits to the core.

A. Ramakrishnan is capable of immense hard work and has a never-say-die approach. You can see this in full force in the celebrated many more matters where despite having successively before the Commissioner of Appeal, Appellatte Authority, Tribunals, Chennai High Court and having a seemingly unstateable case, he did not give up. He is continuously at work, 24 by 7, reading and re-reading hundreds of judgements, developing new arguments, refurbishing the old ones, drafting and re-drafting written submissions, always confident in the strength of his case. Such was A. Ramakrishna dedication to the matter, that he gave up all other matters to focus on all matters.


The need for hard work and industry if one wants to be a good lawyer. As having ability and the desire to work long hours with great concentration and enthusiasm keep thinking about the matter and always keep in mind open for fresh ideas only is leads to his success in all tax cases.


After the back-to-back success in all tax matters, he has become everybody’s lucky mascot. He is the must-have counsel for everyone. Fees are no question. However, refreshingly, he hasn’t taken any advantage of the situation, his fees are still very reasonable and that speaks volumes for the thorough gentleman and professional that A. Ramakrishnan is.

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