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Respected Sir, 

                  Sub:-protection of my life, cheeting, trying to kidnapping trying to killing me and ap.money landaring act,-requested - Reg.

                   I'm doing fancy business at guntur urban at Andhra Pradesh and having acquaintance with shaik karimulla s/o.SK.Mohammad khasim (late)is doing real estate and bicycle mediations and obtaining commission and he requested me to pay Rs.5.00.000/-five lakhs only from me as a lone on the protest of the property situation at guntur dist mangalgiri mandala kuragallu village D NO-18,Ac.1:98 cents of dry land on the name of SK.karimulla and in the meanwhile two persons approached me with my own expenses to mortgage the above property under the GPA Cum Sale.later, to discharge the same @Rs,3-00 p.a.and to cancel the same with own expenses. According to the auctions of SK.karimulla and hear friend named ANJANEYALU

And Appikatla Venkata Ratnam naidu s/o.Appikatla Krishnam naidu(late) at resident of KAZA village GUNTUR dist. the property was existing in document no: 7429/2008 on 24-09-2008 registered a GPA Cum Sale Deed SRO.Mangalgiri to an extnet of Ac.1-98 Cents and further PIDUGURALA residential person vankaduth srinivasa RAO s/o.V.Lakshmi Nayak in same the kuragallu village DNO-18,Ac.1-00 Cents more dry land for a sum of Rs.1.60.000/-with GPA Cum Sale and basing on confidence in my favour in D No:18( Ac.2-98 Cents total) of land kept with us and later,redumption may be executed and further after paying Rs.1.60.000/-to them another sale Deed was executed hear business partner named bhunam Bhaskar Rao s/o.Rama Rao at resident same village kaza guntur dist Bearing document no: 7789/2008 on 06-10-2008 registered at SRO MANGALGIRI and later,on dt:30-10_2008 with out interest T.Praveen Kumar s/o.Ranga Rao executed a settlement deed in their office. In the above consent deed 1year limitation is there and later,my self Approached them to cancel the same and to repay Rs.5.00.000/-five lakhs only but they have not agreed and demanded me to pay the amount @ Rs.3.00 p.a. after Approaching MANGALGIRI TWON resident  EX Rowdy sheeter named kolakanti John Babu as the mediation ( is doing land settlements) and Later, I Approached Appikatla Venkata Ratnam Naidu and is business partner Bhunam Bhaskar Rao and others demanded me to pay the amount @ Rs.5-00 p.a,interest and  every 3years pay to interest plus lone amount add to continue repet intrest from dt:13-02-2015 till date for a period of 6years after payment of Rs.50 Lakhs they will cancel the deed. In the meanwhile, Appikatla Venkata Ratnam Naidu and Bhunam Bhaskar Rao and others demanded me and harassed me from all corners and threatened me with dire consequences and further they are having rowdy sheeters they will kill us without any notice without entrustment of land in their favour by me without receiving any amount is unjustified. Bhunam Bhaskar Rao also Supported in his favour and trying to kidnap me and till today I'm having Tital Deeds Pass Book Pattadhr Pass Book Adangal(Fasal) and 1-B ROR ad on 24-03-2015 

                       Therefore, I pray the authorities to take legal action against the above culprits is.Appikatla Venkata Ratnam Naidu And Bhunam Bhaskar Rao,residents of KAZA village Mangalgiri mandal guntur dist,otherwise, they will kidnapped and kill Us.plz gaide and help me where I go 

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