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  Member Since : 26 October 2007  (New Delhi)


I Gagandeep Singh is working as U.S. Attorney in India. It is certainly a great learning procedure for me.

I am a personal injury attorney. Certainly i have learnt a lot about personal injury cases and lot is to be still learned. Indian accidental cases lacks of lot of technical facts which should be kept in mind while dealting with above mentioned nature cases.

I believe Indian Law system needs to adopt some of their steps which can really help the legal fraternity to work smoothly and more importantly without putting hard physical work, which we lawyers put by running from pillar to post of the court rooms.

If any one needs any knowlege about American style of contesting personal injury cases, well, the doors are alwasy open as of ATM machine 24x7 for my legal family as well as for the society.




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