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1- This, my marriage solemnized date 30January 2013 which is conduct   accordance to Hindu religion & custom through concurrence of both family without any pressure.

2- This is my second marriage after successful divorce on 10 December 2012 by family court.

3- This, my wife is B.A. graduate and first night of marriage restrain me for sex and told please wait for 4 to 5 month for sex.

4- This, without golden night wife return to her parents house accordance to family custom.

5- This, wife forget her mobile in my house same day accordance incoming sms on wife mobile I realize and feel she is abusing me and I search then found who send sms in my wife mobile person name is not anjali2 this is “ Kohli” and daily open a hardware shop in my father-in-law house which is tenant deed with grandfather of wife, from 8 to 9 years, “Kohli” already a married person also two child.

6- this, my wife accept her mistake in-front of her parents and me, she told don’t talk to them, I love Kohli from 5 to 6year and nothing to go with wrong physical relation except lips kiss. And I swear from today no relation with that person also I forget them for always in life, and she asked me why? you destroy your and my life, then I told to my wife, why you hide this history before our marriage.

7- this, through concurrence of wife parents and my wife also take a oath without my permission, she will not come to her biological parents house without any reliable region and she always come with me and go with me without halting any night till the day tenant not out from house shop.

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