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Born in a humble family of Allahabad; a family which has always given priorities to principles, values and commitments, Mr. Kislay Pandey carried forward this legacy with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Mr. Kislay Pandey is a renowned lawyer of Supreme Court of India and practices in various High Courts of the country too. In the quest of knowledge and learning, Mr. Kisley Pandey acquired post-graduate degrees in Sanskrit and International Business Management.

Apart from this Mr. Kislay Pandey is a tech geek and loves inventing and using soft-wares. The man of words has good command at English, Hindi and Sanskrit ,speaks mellifluous Urdu and has great fondness for Ghazals. He unwinds himself through meditation and spending time with pets, his love and care for animals reflects his soft and empathetic attitude for them. 

Mr. Kislay Pandey is a disciplinarian for whom moral values play a vital role in achieving set goals. In his busy and tough schedules Mr. Kislay Pandey interacts warmly with people to redress their problems pertaining to legal, criminal, property and civil cases. Mr. Pandey is a meticulous planner with a sharp insight and a vision to think about the mechanisms and procedures to solve his clients' issues.

During his association with "Voice of Hindustan" and "Voice of United States of America" as India reporter, Mr. Pandey noticed the vulnerability of life in rural India. The humble advocate is close to the hearts of poor children. Mr. Kislay Pandey loves to change the life of innocent and poor children through providing them educational and financial support. This benevolent and charitable approach is not restricted to children only, he is also working for the elderly people and is determined to set up an old age home for them.

Mr. Kislay Pandey is an avid supporter of women liberalisation and empowerment. Besides these concerns for humans , he is working these days to provide shelter to stray animals across the country. Due to such a strong connectivity with society he has left indelible impression on the hearts of many.

Organisations like Infova e-universis Limited, Infova Consultancy Services Limited, I. T. Mahaguru, Managium Juris, Solicitor ex Judis, E-mazoro and others solicit Mr. Kislay Pandey's advices and recommendations on various issues in planning, strategy and legal departments. 

Mr. Pandey is moving with high aplomb in establishing Infova Foundation to help poor children in education and health. He is keen to form a university of international repute. A dream to provide world class education to students from different sections of society, a platform to create leaders in social, political and business arenas. He is also working to establish a high-tech hospital in India to alleviate the pain of underprivileged, dejected and weakest strata of the society.Visit Facebook Official Page-https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kislay-Pandey/162879883912084

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