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Accused in cheque bounce

About me

  Member Since : 14 November 2012  (Dhule )

Advocate for cheque bounce cases all over India.

Accused has  signed the cheque , it is from his / her account, it is bounced and it is  not pay after reciept of notice by the holder. Thease are sufficient reasons for initiating criminal case against the accused.

The law is short and procedure is fast .Many accused remain in over confidence due to immature knowlede of law that this or that JUDGEMENT of HIGH COURT or SUPREME COURT will be applicable in their case and in the process loose valuable time.

On the other hand Complainants loose valuable opportunity to win the case and recover the money and punish the person who has bounced the cheque. Proper care has to be taken for writting the notice and pleadings in the complaint. Mostly non serious advocates are engaged in over confedence and so the case is lost.

If proper care is taken from the day the cheque is bounced than the complainant case surely win the case and a properly conducted case in lower court is normally upheld even upto SUPREME COURT.

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