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Ambika Prasad Mishra

About me

  Member Since : 12 October 2008  (Bhubaneshwar)

I graduated 5 year Integrated Law from Utkal University, Orissa and as an advocate of High Court of Orissa I have got first hand experience in Civil Laws especially Property Laws, Contracts and Family law. As an practicing advocate what disappoints me is that marriage as a social institution loosing its sanctity due to increase in number of divorces. Neither of the party to the marriage is in a position to cmpromise. Husbands and wives fight for divorce, maintainance and custody of children. They fail to realise that their dispute is adversly affecting the fate of their children born out of their wed-lock. These warring parents forget everything for the sake of their  ego.Each of them try to assert their right/freedom against other. Each say  that they have got the freedom to live the way they like. But at the same time they forget that Freedom is not free, it comes with responsibility. The greater the Freedom, the greater the reponsibility. Moreover, they forget that the day they consented to marry they impliedly consented to curtail their freedom to some extent for subsistence of their marital relationship. I ask myself, did we envisioned such a society when made strives towards modernising our lives and developing our society. Or is it a necessary concomitant of modernisation/develoment? Time is ripe to introspect ourselves as to what do we want, only development or sustained development where development is wholesome (not only in finacila aspect but in social aspect also).

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