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  Member Since : 26 April 2012  (Delhi )

hello we are a freelance advocate who gives free 100% correct advise plus we are running a detective company which is solely for the purpose of helping harrased civilians who are urgent need of help but cannot get it by the due corse of the law.however we are not criminals but we do help in providing all details of property certified copies with full chain of details by just an address given to us. this is done through backdoor means.also we help in immidiately retrieving any original bank account or company account statement by just giving us the bank account number ,again through via backdoor means.all this will be done in a matter of 5 days exactly as we are thorough proffessionals. we also provide criminal law assistance to criminals which is very useful for in the pattern of criminal law however we donot assist and become criminals ourselves or do any act that will cause us legal trouble.this further can be discussed when you ;eave us ur phone number in the email sent to us at  helpingwindisputedcaseswhenthelawcannot@hotmail.com    .please note that your privacy and your secrecy is our concern and we are at no cost willing to sacrifice this confidential agreement between us.also in this case we will not help in judicial law proceedings as we do not fight cases in court ,rather we assist you and your attorney jointly on how to solve your problems through the easiest means possible with the help of our undercover professional detectives and equipments which we help our clients retrieve the info they are exactly lookingt for in 5 days time concerning financial matters ,company law,matrimonial maintainance or disputed property.
also we donot make any legal agreement of any kind so you can be at rest while transacting with us.

for criminal law we will need to speak to understand the kind of crime and on those basis we can help .for more reference considering legalsurveillance team email us at surveillance_detectives@hotmail.com

we assure you confidentiality and your job done with speed as we do help the needy citizens of our coountry who are in need of assistance when the law fails to offer it .it is more like you feel miserable with the legal system of india and frusterated and are unable to do anything then you can contact us.

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