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About me

  Member Since : 28 July 2008  (Hyderabad )


My name is prashanti, I am doing LLB. I wanted to provide my services to needy, financial unstable and innocent i know there are some lawyers who misguide the people in wrong direction in the name of law, i personally suffered from this. Due to this i opted law as my career  because i dont want others to suffer like me.

As a student of Law. I intent to spread the Law among the common people to understand and abide by it.

 One can only judge a person whether or not he has committed a mistake or a crime knowingly or unknowingly, in any case the person is equally guilty in the sight of Law and equally punishable. Therefore the knowledge of law will guide him to lead the life Legally, Lawfully and free from committing crime even in case of misguidance.

 I opine by providing the knowledge we can expect in reduction of crime rate, as well as we could help every 90 out of 100 people to abide by Law. We cannot expect the person to lead a righteous life without the basic knowledge of what is right or wrong. Thereof one must be provided with the knowledge of right & wrong from the childhood itself.

 As we know that our Law framers have framed the Laws for the welfare of our society. Due to the lack of Legal knowledge common person suffer from the misguidance and on an average of every 5 out of 100 people commit crime due to.

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