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Corporate Lawyer

About me

  Member Since : 10 June 2008  (Mumbai)

I am an Advocate with corporate law background. I work for a public limited company listed at stock exchange where around 7,000 people work. Any Legal Help - I am always available. I provide professional, indepth legal solutions to corporate companies. I have a vision to establish a qualitative Law Firm where I can provide the best possible service to the people. Already I have collaboration with an NGO where I render honourary services to those who cannot afford. I am doing a Bit, I can as a LAWYER TOWARDS THE SOCIETY as LAWYERS ARE THE JOURNEY TOWARDS DESTIANTION - JUSTICE.

We may listen this thousand of times, "JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED" but it makes so much of sense when we contemplate of people waiting in the wake of justice for more than decades for small Happiness to reach them..........

Do write any suggestions to me.............. :-)))))

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