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Struggling Landlord

About me

  Member Since : 08 June 2011  (Nagpur )

I am 45 years well educated (Computer literate as hobbiest simce 1986....with experience of Ethical Hacking) and having 25 years of legal experience in Rent Act... since I am having habit of reading books and surfing net ... gathered huge intlectual info  about various subjects.... while struglling in life I found that the human psychology is mind boglling... evrything works on our own belief... So I did extenssive reaserch on only one word BELIEF .... I have huge authentic collection (digital / physical---Being am Ethical Hacker).... on BELIEF / Sub-Concious mind / Human Hacking / Social Engineering etc....  


I am one of the victim of Indian Rent Control act -Specially Maharashtra Rent Act 1999 (Owned an ancestral well maintained commercial heart of city / rather heart of india ) But unfortunatly currently the property is 60% in possession of old tenants (since 1966 inclu tax) and there rent are also of 1966... The only change in these 60% tenants I get after new Rent Act 1999 is (Now they have started paying taxes)  But my rent remained same... Since in Sec8 of Mh Rent Control act says Defination of Std Rent :  Rate of rent on or before Oct-1987 + 5% shall be STD RENT in 1999 thereafter  add 4% every year thus in 2014 the rent becomes merely 2 times..... Whereas few shops in same building rented by me in 2009 is giving me 30-40 times ... I am ready to settle at 10 times with old tenants out of court...Np one is ready.. (since protected by law)

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