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I am a post-doctorate in Mechanical engineering. I worked in the Patent Office, India as an Examiner of Patents & Designs for nearly 9 years. I was selected, after a tight competition, for Embark Initiative Post-Doctoral Fellowship (IRCSET Fellowship) in 2007 and the then CGPDTM of the Patent Office, India was kind enough to allow me to avail the opportunity in Ireland (Europe). I availaed the opportunity to pursue the studies through research at the cost of EU and I didn't take a single penny from the Patent Office, India or the Govt of India or any other person associated with the state in any manner. Incidentally, few officers forced me to write a very stupid "undertaking" by violating the Acts & Rules of th eland. The undertaking was made in a Rs 10/- stamp paper which was NEVER accepted by any Govt officials of the Patent Office/Govt of India. I started doing my post-doctoral fellowship from January 2008 and came back to India in December 2009. In the meantime, on 14 January 2009, I was officially intimated by the Patent Office that I had been PROMOTED and TRANSFERRED and Officially releived. I was released on 10 January 2008 for prosecuting postdoctoral research. I was on Extra-Ordinary Leave without pay under Rule 32(2)(e) of CCS Leave Rules. However, keeping these aspects aside some unscrupulous officers (among them I can name Mr. D.K. Rahut who played a serious game with me at that time) transferred me with promtion to Delhi Office from patent office, Kolkata. My ALL INDIA RANK was 8th. But they IGNORED the rank and they manipulated these for their personal interests. 

I joined Patent Office India on 13 January 2010 again after my postdoctoral research. I was forced to stay at the Patent Office Koklkata as an "Examiner of Patents & Designs" (but not in the "Assistant Controller" position) [although promotion letter was given to me and the Mr. Rahut asked me verbally several times (hope he will confess his actions to maintain his dignity, if he has) to forego the said promotion], becuase of CALLOUS, STUPID, CORRUPT officials like Mr. D.K. Rahut and Mr. P.H. Kurian. I gave my fiullest efforts to increase the quality of service rendered by me after gaining postdoctoral experiences with th elatest technological environment. But the said callous officers forced me to quit the place as I DIDN'T INDULGE IN their CORRUPT activities. 

The Indian Patent Office has lost many highly qualified Officers starting from 2003 till date. All of them left that office due to the corruption, illegal activities perpetrated by the unscrupulous officers like Mr. D.K. Rahut, Dr B.K. Singh etc. Some senior officials are still sitting on the same place, with higher posts, as they have a big and strong coterie-driven network with the people in Ministry of Commerce & Industries (DIPP). They are sitting in the same place for more than 10 years. Officers, who are against corruption, are sent to other places by way of transfers (they write in the transfer orders as "public interests", although I had not seen any "public" per se to show their "interests" in such transfers). 

Now-a-days, the Indian Patent Office is ruled by some callous officers who are not too qualified to act as an Examiner of Patents & Designs or Assistant Controller of Patents & Designs or Deputy/Joint Controller of Patents & Designs. 


The rest of the saga can better be understood from my thread which I opened after submitting my resignation in March 2011. 

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