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Umesh Chandra
Wrote on 30 July 2017  

Rules are framed for the protection of women in society that is very valid and just but blatant misuse of these rules, ably supported by bias and prejudice court judgments cannot be justice. Justice demands that no order be made to break families to make it profit making business but misuse of gender eccentric law encourage many greedy wives to force a divorce on rich husbands. Judges bigotry also ruin a man’s life and destroy his family. DV Act needs to be revisited and made pragmatic.

Wrote on 30 June 2015  

money plays an importt role in satisfying protection officer. in councilling centres councilling should be done in video streaming. the court can come to conclusion whom to implicate and whom to not implicate in dvc cases

Wrote on 09 April 2015  

what is scope of enquiry by Protection officer in Domestic Incident Report

Wrote on 28 March 2015  

domestic violence do not crop up by itself basically it is created by the tongue of the wife whose fancies for a luxurious life at the cost of the husband which is a burden to him and this leads to an argument and the wife harassing the elderly in-laws in the shadow of the law so the domestic violence has to be equally obligatory to both the spouses.

Wrote on 17 February 2015  

Only training is not sufficient. The cases are related to Domestic Voilance and should be settled quickly to get the justice.

Wrote on 03 February 2015  

Just training is not enough. CCTV shud b installed especially in trial courts 2 giv effect n expedite cases n chk accountability

Ankan Sarkar
Wrote on 20 December 2014  

Any training regarding to Indian law & Judicatory matter with updated are always welcome to get the better judgement.

Adv. Dhamale
Wrote on 13 December 2014  

Any training is always a welcome move...

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