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Suneet Yadav
Wrote on 10 July 2011  

There Should a Uniform Civil Code through out the country.

Wrote on 08 July 2011  

we are in possession of the property but we don't have any title, whther the court can grant injunction

Wrote on 29 April 2011  

We are having above 3 crores worth property, but our grand father's father died in the accident at that time our grand father's mother left that place and changed to some other place i.e., from vellore to chittore.After a long years (80 year later)we came to know that we are having property in vellore. so we can claim the property know.

Wrote on 29 April 2011  

What about the 80 years Old property now that belongs to tenants or to the real generation people

Khaleel Ahmed
Wrote on 18 April 2011  

In our secular Democratic country, there is no need of uniform civil code. Further ,such laws shall voilate the constitutional right given to the people of India to opt any Relegion and follow the priciples of the Relegion.

Wrote on 26 March 2011  

But there is a voluntary Uniform Civil Code in the provisions of the Special Marriage Act. If a marriage is performed under the provisions of the Special Marriage Act or even after having performed it under the personal law, if it is registered under the Special Marriage Act, then the personal laws of the parties relating to marriage divorce and even succession fall under the general law that is under the Indian Succession Act. Not surprisingly, even the so called ardent proponents of Common Civil Code do not want to register their marriages under the Special Marriage Act!

Dr.R.Stephen Louie
Wrote on 13 March 2011  

correct as per my knowledge. Dr.R. Stephen Louie

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