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Wrote on 25 March 2012  

An another but most vital aspect is that the process by which the aspirants (for HC Judges) are brought from lower judiciary to the level of District Judge has not yet been scanned either by Hon'ble CJI or his collegium otherwise the scenario would have been different. To pacify the rumpus forever first step should be to transfer the HC Judges from their parent HC/states soonest after the confirmation. Secondly the length of lower judicial service should be treated at par with the length of experience as legal practitioner as for as experience to higher judicial service is concerned. The day has come to conduct test for appointment to the post of HC Judges too but the question papers should contain facts, evidences....and the aspirants should be asked to pass judgment/order and thereafter Apex Court would evaluate the answers and the aspirants too personally by way of interaction.

Dr Anil Kumar Singh
Wrote on 29 August 2011  

The Independence of judiciary is the obligatory provision for democracy to exist.Its status should not be challenged or compromised with. However a provision be defined by the appex court to end chances of corruption in Judiciary if any.

Shastri J.K.
Wrote on 15 August 2011  

I agree with mr. karun.

prasant pattnaik
Wrote on 15 July 2011  

judiciary itself the paramount importance

himanshu harbola
Wrote on 25 June 2011  

Theory of Separation of powers says one organ of the Govt. shld not interefere in the affairs of the other. However proper checks and Balances shall be maintained.

Wrote on 02 June 2011  

Govt. shouldn't interfere in Jundiciary matters.

abhay dholakiya
Wrote on 06 May 2011  

gov should not interfear in judiciary because at least judiciory is the field that people have interest and trust there is no political interfear in this field

K L Malhotra
Wrote on 20 April 2011  

The matter regarding appointment of judges should be left entirely on the judiciary. The Govt. should not meddle in it.

P V Namjoshi
Wrote on 16 April 2011  

Let government be little wise and leave to interfere

naman kamboj
Wrote on 01 April 2011  

the government should not interfere with the appointment of the judges at all as this may adversely affect the administration of justice...

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