Bench-fixing allegations against the SC have left the Bench fuming, orders to be passed today

In the matter of sexual harassment allegations against the Chief Justice of India, the apex court will pass orders today on the inquiry into the bench-fixing allegations raised by the Advocate.

Advocate Bains filed an affidavit in suomoto proceeding by the Court. The affidavit alleged that the sexual harassment allegations are a part of the conspiracy built by fixers and plotters against the Chief Justice of India. He further said that he will file another affidavit giving details of the employees of the Supreme Court involved in the alleged plot against CJI.

Thereafter, the affidavit stated that the names cannot be shared as they are “privileged communication under the Advocates Act”. The bench asked the Attorney General that if the advocate could claim privilege over the communication with alleged conspirators. The Attorney General replied that the claim of privilege under S. 126 of the Indian Evidence Act is not applicable to the above-said communications.

Senior Advocate Indira Jiasing said that the present proceedings might create preconception in the in-house enquiry in the sexual harassment matter. The bench replied that the present proceedings were with relation to “wider conspiracy” and will not affect the in-house enquiry.

Jaisin gsupported her allegations of bench fixing by stating a small incidence where Jaguar car of the opposite counsel was allowed in SC premises without the sticker at the recommendation of someone from the administration. In return, the bench said that bench-fixing allegations are serious and we hear this everyday in court. This needs to stop and would like to send a clear message to influential people with money and political power that playing with SC is like playing with fire.

The court has ordered the chiefs of the Delhi police, CBI and Intelligence Bureau to seize the elements in order to support the contents of the affidavits submitted by Bains.

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