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CPC: Provisions, Practice and Drafting!
Learn How to Read, Connect, and Apply the Law in Practice!

Instructor - Senior Advocate Mr. S.C. Virmani

About The CPC Course

This 24-Hours CPC course is designed by the LCI team and experts on the subject, aimed at a holistic learning of the Civil Procedure Code from students' as well as practitioners' point of view.

"Best for practitioners who want to learn through the latest judgments. Too direct for the students. A great revision for the experienced ones"

Topics for CPC

Class 1

  • Introduction
    • History
    • Jurisdiction
    • Hierarchy of courts
  • Judgment/ Decree/ Order
    • Execution
    • Difference

Class 2

  • Important Definitions under the Code
  • General Principles:
    • Bar on Suits (Sec. 9)
    • Transfer of suits
    • Res Sub Judice & Res Judicata

Class 3

  • Institution of suit:
    • What is a suit? Parties to a suit? Frame of suit
    • Plaint: Order 7
    • Written Statement: Order 8
    • Joinder, Re-Joinder and Misjoinder
    • Misjoinder of cause of action and multifariousness
    • Set off Rule: Rule 6; Order 8
    • Counterclaim: Rule 6A to 6G; Order 8

Class 4

  • Place of Suing
  • Summons: Sec. 27-29; Order 5
  • Appearance and Non-Appearance of Parties
    • General
    • Appearance of Parties: Rules 1 & 12; Order 9
    • Where neither party appears: Rule 3; Order 9.
    • Where only plaintiff appears: Rules 6 & 10; Order 9
    • Where only defendant appears: Rules 7-11; Order 9.
    • Where summons not served: Rules 2 & 5; Order 9
    • Ex-Parte Decree
    • What are summons?
    • Service and mode of summons
    • Power to issue summons
    • Summons to defendants/witness

Class 5

  • Place of Suing
  • Summons: Sec. 27-29; Order 5
  • Commencement of Suit
    • Discovery, inspection and production of documents
    • Framing of Issues
    • Hearing of suit
  • Adjournment: Order 17
  • Death/ marriage. Insolvency of parties: Order 22
  • Withdrawal of suits

Class 6

  • Appeals
    • What are appeals? Provisions.
    • Appeals from original decree
    • Appeals from appellate decrees
    • Appeals from orders
    • Appeals by indigent person
    • Appeals to SC

Class 7

  • Reference, Review and Revision

Class 8

  • Suits in particular cases:
    • Suits by/against Gov: Order XXVII
    • Suits by/against corporations: Order XXIX
    • Suits by/against trustees, executors and administrators: XXX
    • Suit by/against minors and persons of unsound mind: Order XXXII
    • Suits by indigent person: Order XXXIII

Class 9

  • Summary Procedure: XXXVII

Class 10

  • Arrest and Attachment before judgement: Order: XXXVIII

Class 11

  • Temporary Injunction and Interlocutory Order: Order XXXIX
  • Drafting of different documents in the civil practice

Mr. Virmani shall take all the relevant sections that a Civil Lawyer comes across most frequently in his practice and shall explain them with its practical application and relevant rulings wherever applicable.

The lectures shall also be followed by a QnA session for all the participants to clarify their queries addressed to the trainer to address.

Study Material to be Provided by LCI

Short Notes shall be provided on all CPC sections. Judgment Analysis shall be provided on the rulings quoted by the trainer in the lecture.

About the Trainer

S.C Virmani Mr. S.C. Virmani is a Senior Advocate and is a member of International Council of Jurist, Supreme Court Bar Association New-Delhi, Bar Association of India, and life member of Bar Association, Dehradun, and office bearer of different Social Organization at State and National level. He operates from his camp office at Dehradun. He is Chief Patron of a Lawyer?Ts Organization known as GOLDS (Group of Lawyers Dedicated to Service through Law). He has delivered several legal lectures on insurgency in Army, Forest colleges, Law colleges and on women rights in various women conferences, and other conferences. He is chief legal Advisor of Uttarakhand Waqf Board, Uttarakhand State Haj Committee, and is Consultant of Power Sector Companies, Regulator. He is dealing arbitration cases of the State of Uttarakhand funded by World Bank. He was registered as an Advocate by Uttar Pradesh Bar Council (627/1971) later on by Bar Council of Uttarakhand registration No. is UA 0231/2004.

He is editor and advisor of many law journals of India, such as Judicial Interpretation Crimes, Judicial Interpretation of Revenue Laws, Judicial Consumers Reports, Judicial Civil Law Reports, Local Bodies and Educational Service Reports, Apex Decisions (Supreme Court), Apex Decisions (Delhi), Apex Decisions (High Court), Prayag Niranay Parkashika, Lucknow Criminal Reports, Administrative Total Judgment, and Judicial Criminal Cases Labour and Service Judicial Reports, Civil and Land Judicial Reports and many other Journals which from time to time require his assistance and legal advice.

He has been District Cabinet Secretary of Lions International, District 321-B2 (1981-82). He has been Deputy District Governor of Lions Internationals in year 1990- 91. He holds the Melvin Jones Fellowship from Lions International and continues to hold various posts at the District, State and National level. He has been awarded the prestigious award of Lion Ratan, Doon Ratan from Nagrik Parishad, Uttarakhand Ratan from Intellectual Organization. He is President of Management Committee of Pestle Weed College. He continues to be the president of District Badminton Association for more than a decade. He had been President of the Doon Chamber of Commerce and Industries in Uttarakhand. He is Director of Doon International School, Dehradun. He is Founder President of Sunishtha, Dehradun. He is convener for Uttaranchal Panjanya Nachiketa Pratishthan, New Delhi. He has written various articles, which have been published at National level, State level and at local level.

His Strengths:
Mr. Virmani is best known for teaching with the help of judgments, rulings and observations of the court along with reading out each and every relevant section to be covered for the day.
Explaining the number of judgments of various courts on various issues are supremely beneficial for all the young students to cite and learn from and for the practitioners to use in their practice at court.

His Weakness:
Mr. Virmani, a man of practical experience spanning more than 50 year might sometimes out run your pace. But we got you! You will get the recorded version of the course to be streamed multiple times!

Price  2999.00
Language: English
Short Notes