Key takeaways Introduction-Indian Judiciary Fast Track Courts- meaning and objectives Downfall of FTCs Changes required to improve the condition of FTCs ConclusionIntroductionIndian Judiciary is infamously famous for the huge line of pending cases pi

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“What you lack in any investigation is time. With every passing hour, evidence slips away. Crime scenes are compromised by people and the elements. Things are moved, altered, smeared, shifted. Organisms rot. Wind blows dust and contaminants. Me

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The Apex Court held that deposits made under section 21(5) of MMDR Act not proceeds of crime under Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002. A bench comprising Hon’ble Justices A.M. Khanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari passed such ord

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 were amended to bring into account the need for recognition of admission of electronic and digital evidence as admissible evidence. The provisions of Sec. 2(1) (t) of Information Te

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KEY TAKEAWAYS Corporate law dictates the formation and the activities of corporations. Corporate governance regulates the balancing of interests among a business’s different stakeholders. Shareholders, they are the owners of a business and are

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Land has always been a very controversial and disputed topic in India, in the context of cultural as well as legal point of view. Land is indeed a property which can be brought and sold like any other property, but the rules and regulations are diffe

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Key takeaways Introduction- What is an NRI and Power of Attorney Power of attorney and its essential and kinds NRI and Power of Attorney executed in India Real Estate and Power of Attorney ConclusionIntroductionA Non-Resident Indian or NRI is an Indi

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IntroductionIn legal context, evidence means anything that can be admitted by a court to prove or disprove alleged matters of any facts in a trial. Section 3 of the Indian evidence act, 1872 categorises evidence into two heads - one being the 'or

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INTRODUCTIONYes! You read this correct as per the new Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Bill 2021 passed this year with the President’s assent the Lieutenant Governor means the Delhi Government. This article sheds li

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The premises of Advocate Mehmood Pracha were being raided. Such raid was on the premise of an FIR lodged against him. The FIR was in connection with allegations on him to be involved in tutoring a witness in order to initiate a false ri

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The GNCTD Amendment Bill, 2021, has been passed in both Houses of Parliament. The Lok Sabha passed the bill on the 22nd of March, and the Rajya Sabha passed such bill on Wednesday, the 24th. The lower House conducted a voice vote after

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KEY TAKEAWAYS Meaning of UCC Origin of UCC Objective of UCC Brief Analysis of Shah Bano Case Uniform Civil Code: Goa Advantages of UCC Disadvantages of UCC Implementation in other states Essentials for successful implementation of UCC Important Case

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Key takeaways Introduction- giving a glimpse of Tata Group and Mr. Cyrus Mistry Background of the case, explaining what happened that led to the intervention of the judiciary. Judgment given by NCLAT Supreme Court giving the final verdict in the case

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The case in reference is Laxmi Pat Surana v. Union Bank of India [C.A. 2734 of 2020] of the Supreme Court of India. The decision in the case was pronounced by a 3 judge bench of the Supreme Court justice K.M Khanwilkar, justice B.R Gava

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KEY TAKEAWAYS A court in China recently ruled out in a case that the husband shall pay his wife for all the household chores she did. This order was passed in connection to a divorce case, by a court situated in Beijing, The Republic of China.

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Key takeaways Introduction including the definition of NRI and who is considered to be resident if India. Background of the case including the circumstances which has led NRI to approach the SC of maintaining their NRI status for the purpos

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Laws Of Succession Relating To Hindus

  JINALI SHAH    30 March 2021 at 17:41

INTRODUCTIONGender Equality is one of the basic principles of the Indian Constitution and in order to remove inequalities between men and women with respect to the rights in property the Hindu Succession Act lays down the rules and a common list of h

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Key takeaways What is a Gender stereotype? Presence of gender-based stereotypes and biases in our judicial system. Patriarchal Judicial system SC: A ray of hope for gender sensitization ConclusionIntroductionGender stereotype is basically a view or p

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INTRODUCTIONA question asked to most of us legal professionals is, “what does make a good lawyer?” To answer this, it goes without saying that in order to practice law one must possess practical skills. Consequently, I have created an art

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KEY TAKEAWAYSNegotiation is the first step in a dispute resolution process. It has a form of direct or indirect communication where the parties with opposing interests agree to take a joint action and ultimately resolve the dispute.Litigation is the

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